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Drain the Epigastrium Decoction Pinyin
xi xin tang
Drain the Epigastrium Decoction Herbs
da huang
huang qin
huang lian
what is the overall conformation
damp heat excess with interior clumping
what causes the vomiting of blood and nose bleeds
reckless movement of hot blood
in terms of its relation to the heart the epigastrium is called
xin kou - opening of the heart
identify the chief herb that is used to drain fire, break clumping and stops bleeding of the upper jiao
da huang
Ephedra, Apricot, Gypsum & Licorice Decoction Pinyin
ma xing shi gan tang
Ephedra, Apricot, Gypsum & Licorice Decoction Herbs
ma huang
shi gao
xing ren
zhi gan cao
ma xing shi gan tang: this is heat lodged in the ___ where it obstructs the ___

Flow of Qi
this is a variation of ma huang tang, which 2 herbs are switched
Gui zhi and Shi Gao
what causes the wheezing, cough and labored breathing
obstruction of LU Qi
heat in the lung causes the fluids to ___
steam - which manifests as sweating
What deputy herb helps Ma Huang facilitate the flow of lung qi
xing ren
drain the yellow pinyin
xie huang san
drain the yellow herbs
shi gao
zhi zi
fang feng
hou xiang ye
gan cao
drain the yellow: what is the overall conformation
smoldering fire in the spleen
drain the yellow: which herb drains heat from the 3 jiaos
zhi zi
drain the yellow: which herb aromatically revives the spleen and disperses the pathogen
hou xiang ye
drain the yellow: this formula treats a type of tongue thrusting - what causes this
heat in the spleen opening to the tongue
drain the yellow:name the only biomedical application
apthous ulcers
clear the stomach powder pinyin
qing wei san
clear the stomach powder herbs
huang lian
sheng ma
dan pi
sheng di huang
dang gui
qing wei san: what is the overall conformation in this case
heat accumulation of the stomach
qing wei san: the chief herb that attacks stomach fire and drains the accumulation of heat
huang lian
qing wei san: which herb raises and disperses the heat and relieves toxicity
sheng ma
what causes the rebellious fire leading to toothache or head ache
accumulation of heat blocks the qi channel giving reise to rebellious fire
qing wei san: what 2 herbs cool blood and nourish yin
dan pi and sheng di huang
jade woman decocotion pinyin
yu nu jian
jade woman decocotion herbs
shi gao
shu di huang
zhi mu
mai men dong
(huai)niu xi
yu nu jian: this is stomach heat with ___ due to vigorous stomach fire injuring the ___
yin def / KI yin
The name Yu Nu Jian has 3 possible meanings, what are they
(1) Kuan Yin handmaiden (2) Shi Gao (cold and yin) (3) KD reference
yu nu jian: Besides draining heat name this formulas key action
Nourish Yin
yu nu jian: Identify the chief herb for draining fire from the stomach
Shi Gao
yu nu jian: Identify 2 of the 3 herbs that nourish yin
Shu Di Huang - Mai Men Dong - Zhi Mu
Guide Out the Red Powder pinyin
dao chi san
Guide Out the Red Powder herbs
sheng di huang
mu tong
dan zhu ye
gan cao shao
dao chi san: this is heat in the ___ and ___
heart and small intestine channels
What does the name Guide out the Red signify
Conducting heat out of the Heart thru Small Intestine
dao chi san: What deputy herb clears heat from the heart & blood above while clearing heat from below
mu tong
what is causing the dsruption in body fluid, painful urination and difficult and bloody urine
heat transferring to the SI channel
dao chi san: What assistant herb is used to clear heat from the heart & relieve irritability
Dan Zhu Ye