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the tage used to create a line break
<br />
empty area of a web page
White space
the tags used to format paragraphs
<p> </p>
text aligned on the left and right
a type of attribute that changes the appearance of one specific element
Inline style
the attribute that specifies the lang used on a web page
a notation for a special character, such as a copyright symbol
character entity
the element used to identify the source of a quotation
cite element
the element used to identify a long question
the code that define the font type
the tags that specify the largest heading level
<h1> </h1>
the tags that specify the smallest heading level
<h6> </h6>
the tags used to specify italic text
<i> </i>
a tag that is contained inside of another tag
the 6 characters preceded by the # sysmbol that indicate a color combination
the <br/> element creates a single _____
line break
the element that contains no content is known as a(n)_______ element
the browser ingnores use of the Enter key and ______ included with the source code
to quickly refresh the browser, press the keyboard shortcut ___________
by default, text included within the <p> tags aligns _________
the syntax to center text is ____
style="text-align: center"
the elements of a web page can be separated visually by inserting a horizontal line with the ____ tag
<hr />
to insert a quotation mark, type the character entity _____
to set a font to display at 24 points, type _______
font-size: 24pt
a unit of measurement equal to 1/72 of an inch in known as a
in XHTML code, the _____ character separates styles
to prevent legibility issues for visitors, always ____ your colors by previewing them in a browser.
to change the color of the background to red using the color name for the value, type
style="background-color: red"
a hexdecimal value defines the amt of red, green, and ____ in an image
you can define a color by color name, hexadecimal value, or ______ value
RGB value