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evidence maintains original characteristics
continuity of possession, adhere to standards, identification, etc
chain of custody
settling of blood, causes skin to change color
postmortem lividity or livor mortis
peroid of time that a body goes through to a stste of rigidity
rigor mortis
the progression of rigor mortis from extrmities like fingers and face to long muscles like legs
anatomical progression
deals with body temperature- rectal/ liver
algor mortis
smell of decaying body
blood clot between skull and dura or dura and brain
extra dural or subdural hematoma
blood beteen arachnoid brain covering and brain
subarachnoid hematoma
free blood within the brain tissue
intercerebral hematoma
all known causes of death in an infant have been eliminated
adult dies suddenly for unknown reasons
a position of the body such that breatning is impaired
positional asphyxiation
food bolus
drowning in your own vomit
vomitos amigos
causes people to fall and drown
drug intoxication
ruptures in tiny capillaries, particularly shows up in whites of eyes and on eyelids
petechial hemorrage
fractue of this bone in the neck may indicate murder
hyoid bone
neck veins that if cut cause bleeding to death rapidly
type of stab wound that may give details about the type of knife used
sharp force
stab wound that results from being struck by a flat surface
blunt force
gunshot wound resulting in inward expansion of bone,musclle, 8 pointed star shaped tear in skin
balloon and blow back
heated muzzle causes a contusion like a cattle brand
muzzle imprint
describes the effects of gun shot at close range-12 inches or less
poweder burns
type of powder burn where flame is hot enough to burn skin or clothes->6 inches
muzzle flash
powder burns resulting in permanent markings, 6-9 inches
powder borns resulting in any pattern of tiny dots
gunshot wound with no tearing, tight dark circles of debries inch or less in diameter
near contact
long probes can be inserted in path of bullet travel