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Name 5 substances that may aacumlate on the bottom of yourshoe
dust, dirt, residue, grease, moisture, oil
3 types of footprints
latent patent and 3D
3 surfaces where a shoeprint can leave a 3D impression
Sand, soil, snow
Name 5 surfaces on which 2D footprints maybe made
tile, wood-flooring, doors from kicking
To accurately identify a footwear impression, both _____ and __________ characteristics must agree.
class and individual
________ ________ contain thousands of shoe designs that the FBI can use to try to determine the brand of the shoe that made a print found at the scene of the crime
footwear databases
Linking crimes using footwear impression databases can be particularly useful in investingations of __________ crimes and in ________ cities
repetive crimes
What can a shoe size be accurately determined from an impression>
manufacturer of footwear is known
When must a general estimate of a shoes size be made?
the dimensions of full or nearly full impressions can allow general estimate.
What other evidence might shoeprints help you find?
located discarded weapons and tire prints
What is "sign"?
evidence refered to by trackers
What might a sign include?
shoe prints
bare footprints
crushed debris
displaced rocks
What is tracking used for?
tracking illegal aliens
Finding location of missing children
track criminals from scene of crime
Why are all footwear impressions even partial important in a crime scene?
Even partial footprints contain sufficent information, sometimes
y must a crime scene be closed off asap?
da shoes of other individuals can track over evidence
How might investigators throughly search a crime scene 4 footprints?
high intensity oblique lighting
electro static lifting
pieces of paper
broken glass
What is the importance of taking crime scene photographs?
to document and reconstruct the scene and relevance of crime
How can footprints in snow be photographed with betta contrast?
it can be highlighted with a light spray of snow print wax
Why is an exampled of a dry-orgin impression?
A person walking across a carpet and then steps on a cleaner surface will create dry impression
Wat is the advantage of using electrostatic lifting?
the evidence will not be harmed and other methods can still be used
What would cause an electrostatic lift to be unsucessful?
if impression is wet impression
or other materials that have bonded to surface
How can fingerprint powder be used with footwear evidence?
can be used to enchance impression
What can be used to lift a dusted footprint?
adhesive lifter
How do you determine what color lifting material to use?
A good contrast color
Best material to make 3D casts is
Dental stone
Advantages of using Dental Stone are
set much harder

high compressive strength

quicker easier way to recover impressions
How is dental stone often brought to the crime scene?
already prepared in ziplock bag
How long can lift dental stone from ground?
20 minutes
How long before dry enough to safely clean off debris?
24 to 48 hrs
What types of photographic methods can be used to enchance shoeprints?
oblique lighting
high contrast
alternate light sources
Wat is included in physical methods of enchancing shoeprints?
lifitng impressions
powdering impressions
detecting indented footwear impressions
What types of footprints maybe treated with chemical reagents?
blood footwear impressions
no bloddy
Adoble photoshop can enchance a digital picture of a shoeprint by
increase contrast/birhgtness
improve visualization