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study disease
forensic pathologist
develop a psychological profile
forensic psychologist
study blood and other body fluids
forensic serologist
examine teeth and make molds
forensic odontologist
deals with gun stuff
ballistics expert
studies the ground
forensic geologist
studt bugs and decomposition
forensic entomologist
studt bones
forensic anthropologist
use clay to reconstruct
forensic sculptors
analize speach
forensic linguists
study structures and explosions
forensic engineering
any and all ofjects that can establish a crime has been cimmitted
physical evidence
standards that courts use for physical evidence
Frye standard
4 methods to search for evidence
spiral pattern, grid patterns, strip/line search, and quadrant or zone
rights of persons to not be searched
4th amandment
right against self incrimination-testifing against self
5th amandment
right to remain silent or have an attorney
Miranda rule
motive, means, opportunity
3 facets of guilt
medical Dr, pathologist, appointed, dteremines who what when etc
medical examiner
elected, doesn't have to have medical bacground,works with determining cause of death