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Any change of position
the measure of the force of gravity on an object
a push or pull
a certain place described in comparison ot another place
a change in the speed or direction of an objects motion
the force that keeps objects that are touching each other from slding past each other easily
all the things around you that you can sense and use to describe motion
frame of reference
the metric unit of force
a measure of an object;s change in postion during a unit of time
motion described in relation to a frame of reference
relative motion
a force that pulls objects toward each other
In a race the _______________ of the runner on the track changes from moment to moment
Position is
a certain point
what is the speed of a cat that runs 6 meters in 3 seconds
2 meters per second
what is required to start motion
what is needed to give an object greater acceleration
more force
What happens to an object when the forces acting on it are balanced
it does not accelerate
what doe the stretch of spring scale measure
the weight of the object pulling
What happens when yhou are riding your bicycle on a smooth level surface and you stop pedaling
you slowly slow down
What is the name of the SI unit of force
How do you know a runner is in motion
he changes position
What is a frame of reference
things that describes your motion
What is speed
a measure of an objects change in postion during a unit of time
Give two frames of reference from which to describe a train ride
if your on the outside the tain is moving if your on the inside the people are moving
What is needed to make an object change its motion