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force equals ???
mass times acceleration.
a force is a what ???
push or pull on a object.
mass is what ???
the total amount of matter in an object.
weight is what ???
a measurement of gravity times mass.
torque is what ???
the force like quantity in rotational mechanical systems.
what is net force ???
the sum of two forces.
what is a prime mover in electrical,fluid,thermal system ???
quantities that act in the same way as a force does.
density is found by ???
dividing mass by volume.
a hydrometer is what ???
used to measure density or specific gravity in liquids.
pressure is measured by ???
dividing a unit of force by a unit of area.
manometers are used to measure what ???
pressure difference.
the two types of fluids are ???
hydraulic and pneumatic.
gasses are what ???

liquids are what ???

not compressible.
pressure increases with what ???
absolute pressure is what ???
the measured in reference to a vacuum.
weight density is what ???
the ratio of an objects weight to its volume.
voltage comes in what two forms ???
AC and DC current.
voltmeters measure what ???
voltage difference.
multimeter s measure what ???
the positive pole or electrode in a battery is the ???
electrical circuits contain what ???
source,conductors,and a load.
temperature difference acts as a what ???
prime mover in thermal systems.
heat is what ???
form of energy characterized by the vibrating movement of atoms and molecules.
temperature is the measure of what ???
the average energy of motion of molecules in a substance.
thermocouples use what ???
three wires of two different metals to measure temperature.
the degree symbol is placed in front of the For C when ???
giving a temperature.
work equals ???
force times distance.
input work is ???
the work going into a system.
output work is ???
the work done by the system.
efficiency is ???
output work divided by input work.
spring scales are used to ???
measure input and output force.
the basic English unit of work is ???
the basic SI unit of work is ???
linear mechanical work is performed when ???
a mass is moved in a straight line.
angular mechanical work is performed when ???
a mass is moved around an axis or rotation.
mechanical work causes an object to start ???
moving,stop moving,or change direction.
fluid work is equal to ???
the pressure difference times the volume moved.
when give the hight the fluid does what ???
it raises.
in a closed fluid system what is reused ???
the fluid.
there is no such thing as what ???
linear or angular fluid work.
the pressure exerted by a piston multiplied by the area of the piston face equals ???
the work done by the piston.
the cross sectional area of a cylinder can be found by multiplying ???
0.7854 by the diameter squared.
electrical work is done when ???
a voltage move a specified amount amount of electrical charge.
a coulomb is a quantity of charge equal to ???
6.25 times 10^18 electrons.
electrical charge can be calculated by ???
multiplying amperes by time.
the basic unit of electrical work is ???
the joule.
input work performed by an electrical pump or motor will be given in ???
a rate is ???
a displacement like quantity divided by elapsed time.
velocity is the measure of what ???
linear mechanical work.
speed is ???
similar to velocity.