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How do you pan fry?
Use a RANGE TOP, then finish in oven
use a SAUTOIR pan, not a sautee pan
moderate heat
tender cuts only
doneness is hand/pressure method
How do you deep fat fry?
Use a standard breading procedure
deep fat fry pan
doneness: golden brown
Describe the breading process
dredge in seasoned flour, dip in egg wash (three eggs/1qt of milk) then coat in bread crumbs
How do you Boil?
use a stock pot
use less tender cuts like brisket
use the fork method to test for doneness
What is poaching's purpose?
to pre cook for another method
Why do you Poach?
to extend keeping qualities (brains/kidney)
to remove strong odors/flavors
-easier to remove membranes
-use a PAN
Veal is __?
immature bovine cattle
under 3 months, on average 3-6 weeks
light pink, have little fat
mild flavor
animal is regulated by what it is fed, normally formula
calves are not allowed to go out
difference versus free range/organic is that it costs a lot more
Describe the process of cooking Veal
almost all of it is tender
medalions/scallopine/cutlet/butterfly/loin chops