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The purchasing systme that uses a vendor who will supply almost all food (frozen, fresh, canned, etc) small equipment and supplies needed in a food service operation is called:
One stop shopping
In the purchasing process the proper order for following the "paper trail" of records is:
Requisition, Purchase Order, Invoice
In purchasing food, if you open sealed bids and then place an order with the company submitting the lowest bid, you are using which of the following methods of buying?
Formal competitive bid
THe following is an incomplete sample of a purchasing specification. Identify the missing component which would complete the specification.

Item: Raisin, Thompson seedless
U.S. Grade B (choice)
25lb carton, polyethylene lined
$1.50 per pound
Quantity to purchase
Grade for beef in decreasing order of quality are "U.S. Prime", "Choice", followed by:
The joining together of medium or small food service operators for purchasing purposes to gain large volume price benefits is called:
Group or cooperative buying
Identify the flase statement below about receiving and storage.
Ambient storage areas should be kept at 36-40 degrees to maintain quality products (really is 50-70degrees F)
The established minimum stock levels for reorder points is based primarily on:
Daily usage and the time needed to receive new stock
The purpose of the storeroom is to:
Monitor the issuance of food materials from inventory
Caking and molding of dried fruits in a storeroom may be an indicator that the:
Humidity is too high
Major functions of an inventory control system include all of the following except:
True=minimizing inventory investment, assuring that objectives are being met by providing feedback on operations, and ensuring adequate products for production and service needs

False=Reducing expenditures on salaries
The ABC and Mini-Max are methods of:
Inventory management
A perpetual inventory is:
A running record of the balance on hand for each item in all storage areas
A physical inventory is:
An actual count of all goods on hand
The cost of goods sold divided by the average inventory is the:
Inventory turnover
To test a cooks' knowledge about low fat meat cookery methods you would have them:
Describe how to poach, broil, braise, and roast
Batch cooking of vegetables is defined as:
Cooking small quantities of vegetables as needed throughout the serving period
Identify the false statement concerning convection ovens:
True=cooks food approximately 1/3 less time of conventional ovens, cooks more trays of food in less space, has very even heat distribution.

False=Characterized by forced air circulation outside the oven cavity
Roasting meat is an example of all the following heat transfer methods except:
True= conduction, convection, radiation

A standardized recipe is one that:
Has been tested and validated for a specific food service operation
Your No 8 food scoop has been misplaced. Which scoops could you use in replacement to yield the same serving size?
Two No 16 scoops
An OSHA inspector visiting a food service facility is most likely to notice:
True=A slicer missing it's safety guard

False= Foods thawing at room temperature, improper storage of milk, incorrect dry food storage temperature
When an employee is injured on the job, the supervisor first:
Secures a medical evaluation of the extent of the injury
Encouraging employees to report any strange activities, requiring all employees to wear ID badges and keeping all doors to the outside locked including receiving areas and loading docks (except when in use) are examples of :
Security measures
A worker was burned when a gas burner was accidentally turned on. Investigating the cause, which of the following would you consider?
True= Dim lighting around the stove

False=Inadequate hood ventilation, poor installation of the stove, faulty sprinkler system
The RD is asked to develop an in-service training program to educate employees about prevention of the most frequent causes of accidents in food service operations. The RD therefore plans and implements a program on:
Best answer= Prevention of falls in the kitchen and dining area

Others=avoiding back strain with proper lifting techniques, proper storage of pesticides and cleaning of chemicals, avoiding burns by using correct food preparation and serving techniques
Which dry chemical fire extinguisher may be used to put out grease, electrical and wood fires?
Type ABC

AB= grease
C= electrical
Salmonellas traced to cantaloupe chucks are most likely caused by:
Best=Improper washing of the melon prior to cutting

Others=poor purchase specification for the melon, improper chilling of the melon, an ill employee handling the melon
A food service worker who confides that he has tested HIV positive is concerned about the other kitchen staff and how they will treat him. The best approach to take with this employee is to:
Best= Assure him that confidentiality will be maintained

Not good=Ask him to report to the health clinic, instruct him to wear gloves while on duty, reassign him to a non-production area of the kitchen
If hot water is used to sanitize dishes in a dish machine, the proper temperature for sanitation in the rinse cycle is:
Greater than or equal to 180F