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A body of knowledge about our universe that forms a seamless web. It is based onreproducible obserations and experimetns
Scientific Method
A way of asking and answering questoins about our physical universe
Scientific Method: Observatoin
without manipulation
Scientific Method: Experimentation
Manipulate some as of nature and observe the outcome. Repeated.
Scientific Method: Theory
Description based on preponderance of evidence (fully tested)
Scientific Method: Preditiction and Testing
-a guess of how a particular system will behave
-tests don't prove or disprove theory, act certain way with certain variables
Law of Nature
overarching statement of how the universe works after a group of theories have been tested
-every theory or law of nature is subject to change, based on new observations
Valid Hypotheisis
-not testable or reproducible
-UFOs, astrology
Research: Basic
-for knowledge sake