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Shigella is ranked ____ in number of illness cases.
How is this bacteria transmitted?
Oral/fecal route
What age group does this primarily affect?
Young children (dirty diapers etc)
Shigellosis is also known as _____
Dysentary means _____
bloody diarrhea
What is Shigella characterized by?
bloody stool, mucus and abdominal pain.
T or F. Historically associated with military seiges
Common in areas of poor hygiene, like natural disasters Katrina)
Is Shigella gram neg or gram pos
gram negative
Does it ferment lactose?
If it doesn't ferment lactose, that means it is a _____
non coliform
Member of the family Entero_________
Genetically similar to _____
What makes shigella different than Ecoli?
it is non motile and lactose negative (ecoli IS motile and IS a coliform)
How many cells are sufficient for Shigella infection?
Using the conventional FDA-BAM methods of isolation is very labor intensive and can take up to how long?
10 days
Review isolation methods on page 131
see other side
Is shigella weak or strong
weak, it's a pussy!
Shigella will not hold to salt, aci, and heat
T or F. You can be asymptomatic and shed shigella for weeks or months
Shigella can survive for up to ______ in water
4 months
Shigella can survive for up to ____ to _____ in cheese, flour, milk, seafood, tomato juice
3-12 weeks
What kinds of inhibitory food ingredients will fight shigella
mayonnaise, vinegar, salt, sodium benzoate
Is shigella inactivated during freezing/thawing?
What is Shigella's growth temperature?
Is is meso or psychrotophic
psychrotrophic (same as salmonella)
Will survive in a pH level of ____ to _____
There are three different means of transportation. What are they
person-person, foodborne, waterborne
What is the infectious dose of shigella
200-5000 cells, very low
What is the incubation period for shigella
1-7 days
Name symptoms of Shigella
severe abdominal pain, mild water diarrhea to severe dysentary, cramps, fever
Shigella has a self limiting recovery time of ______
1-2 weeks
T or F. Shigella causes more hospitalizations than most other bacterial diseases
Complications of these disease can include _____ _____ or ______
severe dehydration, perforated intestine and septicemia
Once again, practitioners try to avoid antibiotics because ____
it is creating a stronger strain that is resistant to most antibiotics, and it also interrupts the natural flora that get rid of bacteria.
Documented vehicles of infection include things like potato, shrimp, chicken, baked goods, salad bars.... why
They aren't highly acidic.