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What are Fungi
Euk., have poorly differentiated body, Reproduce by spore formation or budding
What are characteristics about Acidified Potato Dextrose agar or Ac-PDA
Nonselective, differential medium. Yeasts and molds grow well. Tartaric acid and Chloramphenicol act against bacteria.
What is the indicator in Yeast and Mold Petrifilm?
bromo-chloro-indolylphosphate. Colonies will be blue to blue-green.
Give characteristics of coliforms
aerobic or facultative aerobic bacteria. gm -, nonsporeforming, rod shaped bacteria that ferment lactose, with acid and gas production within 48 hr
What type of media can coliforms grow in that others cannot?
Bile salt mediums, and using lactose as carbon source
What are the three main genera of coliforms
enterobacter, klebsiella, escherichia
What are characteristics of BLGB agar?
Liquid selective differential medium. (MPN test), Oxgall (bile) and brilliant green inhibit gm+ and many non coliform gm- bacteria. Fermentation of lactose results in Co2 gas production.
What is EMB Agar?
Eosin Metylene Blue Agar. Selective-differential media. Differentiates colonies based on ability to ferment lactose. Dyes are eosin and methylene blue. Lac+ are dark colored, Lac- are straw colored. Suc+ fermentors are pink in color.
What is LST broth?
Lauryl Sulfate Tryptose Broth. Selective Differential. Used to detect coliforms in H20. There is lactose in medium, which detects for Lac+ organisms by production of gas (differentiation). Na Lauryl Sulfate is selective agent (against noncoliforms)
What are characteristics of VRB Agar?
Bile salt and crystal violet indicator select against gm + and nonenteric orgs. Lactose and Neutral Red in the medium change color with organisms that ferment lactose. (positive are purple) Non Lactose fermenters are straw colored.
Name the three sporeforming bacteria genus
bacillus alicyclobacillus cloistridium
How are sporeformers selected for in testing for spores?
Dilution mixture is subjected to 80C heat, killing all vegetative cells.
What are characteristics of Tryptone glucose agar? (TGE)
Non selective. Numerous amino acids and carbon sources promote growth of sporeformers.
Why is thioglycolate agar added to TGE agar for anaerobic incubation?
Thioglycolate is a reducing agent that binds with O2. Ensures anaerobic conditions. Also has color indicator for O2. Pink.
Name characteristics of S. aureus
Gm+ facultative anerobe. Grouped in clusters. Produces yellow pigmented colonies. Can live under dry conditions. Produces enterotoxin. 10>6 CFU/g is infectious dose. Coagulase, Heat-Stable thermonuclease, yellow pigment, hemolysis, and mannitol fermentation +.
What are foods you can find S aureus in
Cream filled bakery products, dairy, salads, fermented meats
What are Baird-Parker agar characteristics?
inhibits gm- organisms, Selective agents: LiCl and Tellurite. Differential Ingredients: K tellurite-black colonies, eggyolk-halo and precipatate
Brain Heart Infusion Agar Characteristics
Used to culture fastidious organisms, has a variety of micronutrients and vitamins, s aureus positive cultures are yellow
List characteristics of MSA (Mannitol Salt Agar).
Phenol red indicator indicates pH and mannitol salt (carbohydrate) indicates fermentation. S. aureus can ferment mannitol, which changes the pH and turns the indicator yellow (fron pink) surrounding the colonies.
List characteristics of Toluidine Blue DNA Agar
Differential Medium that detects Deoxyribonuclease of Saureus. Medium contains DNA and toluidine. If the culture produces thermonuclease, then the nucleotides will react with toluidine, turning the medium from blue to red.