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Fats belong to a large group of substances called?
Name the elements that fats are made up of
carbon, hydrogen and oxygen
Fats can be put into 2 groups. What are they?
unsaturated and saturated fats
Fats and oils when broken down are made up of what?
fatty acids and glycerol each having its own chemical name
How many fatty acids are there?
What is the difference between fats and oils?
fats are solids at room temperature and oils are liquids at room temperature
What does the term 'saturated' describe?
it describes the chemical structure where the carbon atoms have their full amounts of hydrogen atoms
Why are some saturated fats more harmful to health than others?
because they raise the level of cholesterol in the blood and this may cause an accumulation in the arteries causing hardening or blockage which will result in heart attack or stroke
where does butyric acid come from?
milk and butter
where does stearic acid come from
beef fat
where does palmitic acid come from?
dairy foods
where does lauric acid come from?
dairy foods and coconut oil
give 3 functions of fats
1. protects and surrounds organs in the body
2.improves the flavour of food
3.provides the body with energy