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MAP Food
Modified Atmosphere Packaging, a paskaging process by which air is removed from a foood package and replaced with gas. CO2 and nitgogen
Sous vide food
Vaccumed-packed in individual pouches, partically or fully cooked and then chilled
"ultra-high temperture", food is heat-treated at a very high temp. (pasteurized) for a short time to kill microorganisms. ASEPTICALLY packaged, sealed under sterile conditions
Shellstock tags
all live shellfish must hav an ID tag with delivery date written on it. Tag must be kept on file for 90 days.
ACCEPT-Receiving BEEF, Lamb, Pork
41*F or lower
Beef-cherry red, aged may be darked, vaccumed packed-purple
Lamb- light red
Pork-light pick meat, firm white fat
REJECT-Receiving Beef, Lamb, Pork
Over 41*F
Beef-brown or green
Lamb-brown, whitish surface covering lean meat
Pork-excessively dark color, soft or rancid fat
ACCEPT-Receiving Poultry
41*F or lower
no discoloration
REJECT-Receiving Poultry
over 41*F
purple or green discolorationaround the neck, dark wings tips, red is OK
ACCEPT-Receiving Fish
41*F or lower
bright red gills, bright shiny skin
REJECT-Receiving Fish
over 41*F
dull gray grills dull dy skin
ACCEPT-Receiving Shellfish
LIVE-receive on ice or at air temp. of 45*F or lower
SHUCKED- receive at an internal temp of 45*F or lower
mild ocean or seaweed smell
REJECT-Receiving Shellfish
LIVE-air temp. over 45*F
SHUCKED- internal temp over 45*F
strong fishy smell
ACCEPT-Receiving Crustacea
LIVE-must be received alive
Processed- internal temp. of 41*F or lower
mild ocean or seaweed smelling
REJECT-Receiving Crustacea
Processed- internal temp or over 41*F
strong fishy smell
ACCEPT-Receiving Shell Eggs
Reject-Receiving Shell Eggs
Accept-air temp of 45*F or lower. No Odor
Reject-air temp over 45*F sulfur smell or off odor