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What does resourceful mean?
capable or skillful in dealing with new or difficult situations
What does podium mean?
A small, raised platform or stand with slanted shelf for holding papers
What does pounce mean?
to sweep down, spring or leap suddenly in attack
What does meek mean?
patient and mild in manner, gentle
What does delectable mean?
highly pleasing or delightful, especially to taste
What does ravenous mean?
extremely hungry
What does cunning mean?
crafty, sly
What does anticipation mean?
A feeling of excited anticipation
What does sorcerer mean?
A person who practices magic with the aid of evil spirits
What does taunt mean?
to make fun of in a scornful, insulting way
What does gnarled mean?
rough, twisted, and knotty
What does potion mean?
a drink, especially a liquid that is supposed to have magical powers
What does metaphor mean?
a figure of speech that compares to things, but does not use "like" or "as"
What is a simile?
A figure of speech that uses "like" or "as" to compare unlike things
What is personification?
a figure of speech in which an animal, object, or idea is given human form or characteristics
What is a symbol?
An object, person, place or experience that means more than it is.
What is imagery?
Language that helps the reader see, hear, feel, smell, and taste the scenes.