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what is conception
union of sperm cell and ovum
where does fertilization occur
in the fallopian tube
when is a couple defined as "infertile"?
when they have gone a year without conceiving
how often is infertility a problem with the man?
what is artificial insemination
the introduction of sperm into the reproductive tract through means other than sexual intercourse
what is a major cause of female infertility?
failure to ovulate (10-15% of cases)
how does clomiphene work?
a fertility drug that stimulates the pituitary gland to secrete FSH and LH which stimulate the maturation of ova
what is endometriosis?
where endometrial tissue is sloughed off into the abdominal cavity rather than out of the body during menstruation . can cause infertility
in vitro fertilization
where mature ova are surgically removed from an ovary and placed in a dish with sperm
gamete intrafallopian transfer (GIFT)
where sperm and ova are inserted into a fallopian tube
what is zygote intrafallopian transfer? (ZIFT)
where an ovum is fertilized in a laboratory dish and then placed in a fallopian tube
what is an embryonic transfer?
where a woman volunteer is artificially inseminated with male's sperm, then the embryo is removed and carried by the intended mother
intracytoplasmic sperm injection
where single sperm is injected into an ovum
what do pregnancy tests test for?
levels of HCG
when does morning sickness end?
12th week
what is the germinal stage
startes 36 hours after conception
conception --> implantation
takes the form of fluid filled ball of cells (blastocyst) some cell differentiation has begun,
what is the embryonic stage?
the major organs begin to form, develops inside amniotic sac, gets food through placenta/umbilical cord
what is the fetal stage?
ninth week - birth
end of second trimester - reaches age of viability, but still probably wouldn't live if born then
what are teratogens?
environmental agents hat can hurt the baby
what can rubella do to the fetus?
mental retardation and heart disease
what can syphillis do to a fetus?
can deform the bones/teeth
what is RH incompatibility?
antibodies made by the mom are transmitted to infant, incompatibility occurs when positive motehr has negative baby, or vice versa (RARE)
what happens in the first stage of childbirth?
uterine contractions, begin to dilate cervix, transition when cervix is almost dilated completely
what happens in the second stage of childbirth?
fully dilated, baby moves to birth canal, contraction sends baby forward
what happens in the third stage of childbirth?
placenta is expelled
what is a neonate?
a baby born before 37 weeks of gestation
what happens in the post-partum period
most women get a bit depressed
does breastfeeding affect sex?
lowers sex drive