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abhor (ab HOR)
to regard with extreme repugnance; to detest utterly; to loathe

Synonyms: despise, abominate
Antonym: to admire
[If there is one particular food I abhor, it is hominy.]
accolade (AK uh layd)
praise, an award

Antonym: censure
[He received many accolades for being an excellent teacher.]
ascetic (uh SET ik)
one who leads a life of self-denial and contemplation; absent of luxury

Synonyms: austere, severe, stern
Antonym: sensual
[The rich playboy could not understand the ascetic life led by the monk.]
bequeath (buh KWEETH)
to hand down, to give or to leave in a will

Antonyms: to keep; to horde
[I bequeathed my gym shorts to my brother after I graduated from high school.]
charlatan (SHAR luh tun)
one who claims to know something that he does not; a quack

Antonyms: a professional; authentic authority
[The side show featured a charlatan posing as a mind reader.]
conflagration (kon fluh GRAY shun)
a large fire

Antonym: small flame
[Some believe that the earth will be destroyed by a large conflagration.]
dearth (DERTH)
a lack, a scarcity

Synonym: paucity
Antonym: adequate supply
[The dearth of water in the arid country led to numerous deaths.]
diffidence (DIF eh duns)
shyness, reserve, unassertiveness

Synonyms:: bashfulness, modesty
Antonym: confidence
[Because of his diffidence, he would not ask any girl to the prom.]
effervescent (ef ur VES unt)
showing high spirits

[She put me in a good mood because she was always so effervescent.]
ethereal (eh THER ee ul)
heavenly, unusually delicate, light, lacking material substance, intangible

Antonyms: earthly; mundane
[The ethereal sounds of the music soothed and calmed the patient.]
expunge (ik SPUNJ)
to remove, to erase

Antonym: to add to
[Their names were expunged from the social register after they were convicted of selling cocaine.]
guile (GILE)
deceitfulness, duplicity

Antonyms: openness; candor
[The woman was the unfortunate victim of guile and deceit when she lost her money to that swindler.]
implausible (im PLAU zuh bul)
not believable

Antonym: believable
[His explanation of the accident is so implausible that no jury will believe him.]
incongruity (in kon GROO eh tee)
nonconformity, disagreement, incompatability

Antonym: agreement
[The incongruity between the two stores led me to doubt the accuracy of either report.]
insularity (in suh LAR eh tee)
qualities of an island; narrow-mindedness of opinion

Antonym: broad-mindedness
[The insularity of the president made it difficult to get a notion passed.]
morose (muh ROSE)
being sullen or gloomy

Synonyms: crabbed, glum, saturnine, sulky, surly
Antonym: cheerful
[He was very morose after his wife left him.]
placate (PLAY kate)
to appease or to pacify by making concessions

Synonyms: conciliate, mollification, propitiate
Antonym: to antagonize
[My wife is so angry at me that I cannot placate her.]
poignant (POIN yunt)
piercing, incisive, and keen

Synonyms: piquant, pungent, racy
Antonym: dull
[The man's poignant words struck the very heart of the matter.]
provincial (pruh VEN shul)
lacking sophistication, narrow-minded

Antonym: sophisticated
[Her parents are so provincial that they believe they should arrange her marraige.]
reiterate (ree IT uh rate)
to repeat

Antonym: to fail to repeat
[I hope that I am not becoming redundant by again reiterating the key facts.]
spontaneous (spon TAY nee us)
having no external cause, acting on impulse

Antonym: planned
[He knew exactly what I was thinking because my reaction was so spontaneous.]
synthesis (SIN thus sis)
combining parts into a whole

Antonym: disjoining
[Before the project is complete, we need to establish synthesis.]
toxic (TOK sik)

Antonym: healthful; harmless
[Carbon monoxide is toxic to animal life.]
vigilant (VIJ uh lunt)
very alert, watchful

Antonym: unconcerned; inattentive
[I have been vigilant in trying to find the thief.]
voluble (VOL yuh bul)
ability to use words easily, fluent and glib

Synonyms: garrulous, loquacious
Antonym: taciturn
[A disc jockey needs to be a voluble speaker.]
acquiesce (AK wee es)
to give in, to comply

Synonyms: accede, agree, assent, consent, subscribe
Antonyms: to object, to disagree
[I was so desperate that I had to acquiesce to his demands.]
affinity (uh FIN uh tee)
a likeness, a natural relationship, a kinship

Antonym: repulsion
[Having suffered himself, he felt an affinity for the homeless.]
blasphemous (BLAS fuh mus)
irreverent, profane

Antonyms: sacred, reverent
[Telling that sacrilegious joke is blasphemous.]
buttress (BUH tris)
a support or prop

[Many cathedrials are supported by buttresses.]
circumspect (SIR kum spekt)
careful to consider consequences, cautions, prudent

Synonyms: chary, wary
Antonyms: reckless, careless, indiscreet
[Her circumspect behaviour left no doubts as to her integrity.]
corroboration (kuh rob uh RAY shun)

Synonyms: authentication, substantiation, validation, verification
Antonym: refutation
[Fortunately, I had some corroboration for my whereabouts on the night of the crime.]
deplete (deh PLETE)
to use up gradually, to lessen in amount or value

Antonym: to restore
[Our oil reserves have been depleted because of years of drilling and pumping.]
despotic (deh SPOT ik)
ruling oppresively and absolutely; tyrannical

Antonym: ruling democratically
[Americans do not like despotic behavior.]
emaciated (eh MAY she ay tid)
very thin (usually as a result of starvation), wasting away

Antonym: fat; corpulent
[As a result of receiving little food, most prisoners of concentration camps become extremely emaciated.
empirical (em PEER eh kul)
based on observation or experiment and not on theory

Antonym: theoretical
[We need some empirical data to make our case solid.]
extraneous (ik STRAY nee us)
not essential or vital

Synonyms: alien, extrinsic, foreign
Antonym: essential
[The extraneous assignments left the student with little time for himself.]
fallow (FAL ow)
inactive, plowed but not sowed

Antonym: active
[In order for land to be productive, it must lie fallow occasionally.]
homogeneous (hoe muh JEE nee us)
of the same kind

Antonym: heterogeneous
[To get the best results with this research, we need a homogeneous group of people to fill out the questionnaire.]
hyperbole (hi PER buh lee)
obvious exaggeration

Antonym: understatement
[You have often heard the hyperboly "I've told you a million times;" it's an obvious exaggeration.]
incontrovertible (in kon truh VUR tuh bul)

Antonym: disputable; arguable
[The district attorney was looking for incontrovertible evidence to prove that the accused arsonist burned the bank.]
irascible (uh RAS uh bul)
irritable, easily angered, cranky, cross

Antonym: impassive; imperturbable
[Just about anything could set off his irascible temper.]
laconic (luh KON ik)
using a minimum of words; concise to the point of seeming rude

Synonyms: compendious, concise, pithy, succinct, summary, terse
Antonym: verbose
[After the loss, the coach's remarks were laconic.]
magnanimity (mag nuh NIM eh tee)
having a lofty, generous, and courageous spirit

Antonym: greed; stinginess
[The magnanimity of the king endeared him to his subjects.]
obsequious (uh SEE kwee us)
overly attentive, like a sycophant, servile

Synonyms: slavish, subservient
Antonym: disinterested
[I believe that his obsequious behavior toward his grandmother is to ensure being included in the will.]
proliferation (pro lif uh RAY shun)
an increase in number, multiplication

Antonym: decline; decrease
[Many are afraid of nuclear proliferation and the possibility that a terrorist country will explode a bomb.]
scrupulous (SKROO pyuh lus)
very principled, very careful and conscientious

Synonyms: meticulous, punctilious
Antonym: unprincipled
[The scrupulous police officer never took a bribe, and he ceaselessly tried to prevent crime.]
sublime (suh BLIME)
exalted, noble, uplifting

Synonyms: resplendent, superb
[The romantic dinner, which included delicious food, soft music, and a beautiful setting, was simply sublime.]
surreptitious (sur up TISH us)
secret, clandestine, stealthy

Synonyms: covert, furtive, underhanded
Antonym: aboveboard; in an open manner
[The Watergate burglars tried to attain information in a surreptitious manner.]
veracity (vuh RAS eh tee)
devotion to the truth

Synonyms: truthfulness, accuracy, correctness
[The lawyer had no confidence in the veracity of the witness.]
zeal (ZEEL)
enthusiasm, fervor

Antonym: lack of enthusiasm
[To the delight of his students, he brought great zeal to the teaching profession.]