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What is the primary mission of Marine Corps Aviation?
to participate as the air component of the MAGTF in the seizure and defense of advance naval bases and to conduct such land operations as may be essential for the prosecution of a naval campaign
What are the 6 functions of Marine Corps Aviation
Anti-Air Warfare
Assault Support
Air Recon
Control of Aircraft & Missiles
Electronic Warfare
Offensive Air Support
What are the sub categories of Anti-air warfare?
Offensive AAW
Air Defense
What are the types of assault support?
Combat assault transport
Aerial delivery operations
Aerial refueling
Air evacuation
Air logistical support
Battlespace illumination
What are the types of Air Recon?
Visual Reconnaissance
Multi-sensor Imagery Reconnaissance
Electronic Reconnaissance
What are the types of Electronic Warfare?
electronic attack (EA)
electronic protection
EW support
What are the types of offensive air support
Deep and Close
What is offensive air support?
OAS is “those air operations conducted against enemy installations, facilities, and personnel to directly assist the attainment of MAGTF objectives by the destruction of enemy resources or the isolation of his military force.”
What is anti-air warfare?
that action required to destroy or reduce to an acceptable level the enemy air and missile threat
What is offensive anti-air warfare?
constitutes operations conducted against the enemy air or air defense system before it can be launched or assume an attacking role.
Consist mainly of air attacks to destroy or neutralize hostile:
air defense systems
and supporting areas
What is defensive anti-air warfare?
includes all defensive measures designed to destroy attacking enemy aircraft or missiles in the earth’s atmosphere or to nullify or reduce the effectiveness of such attack.
What are the two forms of air defense?
What is active air defense?
direct defensive action taken to destroy attacking enemy aircraft or missiles or to nullify or reduce the effectiveness of such an attack
What is passive air defense?
constitutes all measures, other than active defense, taken to minimize the effects of hostile air action
What is assault support?
The use of aircraft to provide tactical mobility and logistic support for the MAGTF, the movement of high priority cargo and personnel within the immediate area of operations, in-flight refueling, and the evacuation of personnel and cargo
What is air recon?
the acquisition of intelligence information by employing visual observation and/or sensors in air vehicles
What is electronic warfare?
any military action involving the use of electromagnetic and directed energy to control the electromagnetic spectrum or to attack the enemy
What is the control of aircraft and missiles?
involves the coordinated employment of facilities, equipment, communications, procedures, and personnel that allows the ACE commander to plan, direct, and control the efforts of the ACE to support accomplishment of the MAGTF’s mission
How many MAWs are there?
Marine aviation is divided into three active duty MAWs and one Reserve MAW.
Each MAW has a unique organizational structure
The MAW provides the personnel and equipment for the MAGTF ACE
Where are the MAWs located?
1st MAW - MCAS Futenma, Okinawa, Japan
2nd MAW Cherry Pt, NC
3rd MAW Miramar, CA
4th MAW New Orleans, LA
What do MAWs include?
MAWs include Marine aircraft, air control, and wing support groups. Each group includes the squadrons and/or battalions that are necessary to complete the groups’ roles in Marine aviation.
Are MAWs organized according to T/Os?
MAWs and groups are not organized according to tables of organization (T/Os), but rather are task organized to accomplish the missions assigned.
Are all 4 MAWs organized the same?
Each of the four wings may have a different organization; however, each wing is capable of performing all six functions of Marine aviation
What is the MWSG?
Marine Wing Support Group. provides all essential ground support requirements to aid designated fixed- or rotary-wing components of a Marine FOB.

The group is organized to provide motor transport, engineering services, and organizational maintenance.
What does the MWSG consist of? (5)
(1) Maintenance.
(2) Supply.
(3) Transportation.
(4) Medical.
(5) Messing.
What is the MACG?
Marine Aircraft Control Group. MACG headquarters coordinates all aspects of air command and control and air defense within the MAW.
It provides the command and staff functions for the MACG commander when deployed as part of the MAGTF ACE
What is the MAG?
Marine Aircraft Group. The MAG is an administrative and tactical CE.
It is the smallest aviation unit that is designed for independent operations with no outside assistance except access to a source of supply.
There are two types of MAGs within the MAW:
Rotary-wing (MAG VH)
The primary mission is to provide assault support.
Fixed-wing (MAG VF/VA).
The primary mission is to conduct AAW and OAS operations from advance bases, FOBs, and aircraft carriers.
What is the ACE of a MEF?
the ACE supports a MEF with one or more MAWs. Support to the MEF may include assets from more than one MAW that are task organized to form a MAW (reinforced).
What is the ACE of a MEU?
ACE supports a MEU with a task-organized squadron that usually consists of a mix of:
Rotary-wing aircraft
Short take-off and landing aircraft
A Marine air control group (MACG) detachment
Marine aviation logistics squadron (MALS) detachments
What are the 3 levels of maintenance?
D-LEVEL MAINTENANCE - Maintenance done on material requiring major rework or a complete rebuild of parts. (e.g. Cherry Point)

 I-LEVEL MAINTENANCE - Maintenance which is the responsibility of, and performed by, designated maintenance activities for direct support of using organizations. (e.g. MALS)

O-LEVEL MAINTENANCE - Maintenance which is the responsibility of, and performed by, a using organization on its assigned equipment. (e.g. Squadron)
What does the MACG consist of?
MTACS, a Marine air support squadron (MASS), one Marine air control squadron (MACS), a low-altitude air defense (LAAD) battalion, and an MWCS
What does MTACS do?
Marine Tactical Air Command Squadron. provides equipment, maintenance, and operations for the TACC of the ACE as a component of the MAGTF.
What does MACS do?
Marine Air Control Squadron. provides air surveillance and control of aircraft and surface-to-air weapons for AAW; continuous all-weather radar and non-radar ATC services and airspace management in support of a MAGTF.
What does MWCS do?
Marine Wing Communication Squadron. provides expeditionary communications for the ACE of a MEF, including the phased deployment of task-organized elements thereof
What does MASS do?
Marine Air Support Squadron. provides DASC capabilities for control and coordination of fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft operating in direct support of MAGTF forces
What does LAAD do?
Low altitude air defense battalion. provides close-in, low-altitude, surface-to-air weapons fires in defense of MAGTF assets defending forward combat areas, maneuver forces, vital areas, installations, and/or units engaged in special/independent operations
What does MALS do?
Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron. provides aviation-logistic support, guidance, and direction to MAG squadrons on behalf of the commanding officer, as well as logistic support for Navy-funded equipment in the supporting MWSS, MACS, and Marine wing mobile calibration complex.
What does VMGR do?
Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron . Provides aerial refueling service in support of Fleet Marine Force (FMF) air operations and provides assault air transport of personnel, equipment, and supplies
What does VMAQ do?
Marine Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron. VMAQ conducts airborne EW in support of FMF operations
What does VMU do?
Marine Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Squadron. operates and maintains a UAV system to provide unmanned aerial reconnaissance support to the MAGTF
What does VMFA do?
Marine Fighter/Attack Squadron. intercepts and destroys enemy aircraft and attacks and destroys surface targets
What does VMFA/AW do?
Marine All Weather Fighter/Attack Squadron. intercepts and destroys enemy aircraft and surface targets, day or night, under adverse weather conditions
What does VMA do?
Marine Attack Squadron. attacks and destroys surface targets under day and night visual meteorological conditions and provides helicopter escort
What does HMH do?
Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron. provides assault helicopter transport of heavy weapons, equipment, and supplies during amphibious operations
What does VMM do?
Marine Tilt-rotor squadron. provides assault transport of combat troops in the initial and follow-on stages of amphibious operations
What does HML/A do?
Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron. provides combat utility helicopter support, attack helicopter fire support, and fire support coordination during amphibious operations and subsequent operations ashore
What does the MWSG typically include?
a headquarters and headquarters squadron (H&HS), two MWSSs (fixed wing), and two MWSSs (rotary wing).