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How many elements are there of the Marine Corps mission?
What are the elements of the Marine Corps mission?
What are the 2 parallel chains of command?
What is the Service chain?
-Secretary of Defense
-Secretary of the Navy
-Commandant of the Marine Corps
What is the Operational chain?
-Secretary of Defense
-Commanders of combatant commands
What are the 3 Marine Corps operating forces?
-Marine Corps forces (MARFOR)
-Marine Corps security forces (MCSF)
-Marine security guard
What is MARFOR?
-Marine Corps forces
-organized as MAGTFs
-part of naval expeditionary forces or seperately as part of larger joint or combined forces
What is MCSF?
-Marine Corps security forces
-3,400 Marines
-key naval installations and facilities worldwide
-include CONUS, abroad, and afloat
What is the Marine security guard?
-embassies and consulates
-121 diplomatic posts in 115 countries worldwide
Who is the Commandant of the Marine Corps directly responsible to?
Secretary of the Navy
What is a MAGTF?
-Marine ground-air task force
-principle organization for the conduct of all missions across the range of military operations
What is MEF?
-Marine Expeditionary Forces
What is the Command Element (CE)the MEF?
MAGTAF-task organized to provide command and control capabilities (including intelligence and communications)
What is the MEF CE command section?
G1-personnel and admin
G2-intel and counterintel
G3-operations and training
G6-communication and info systems
What is the mission of the MEF?
To provide command and control
What is the ACE of the MEF?
-Marine Air Wing, Air Combat Element
-task-organized to support the MAGTAF mission by performing some or all of 6 functions fo Marine aviation
What is the GCE of the MEF?
-Marine Division, Ground Combat Element
-conduct ground operations in support of the MAGTAF
What is CSSE of the MEF?
-Combat Service Support Group
-full range of CSS functions adn capabilities needed to support the continued readiness and sustainability of the MAGTAF as a whole.
What are the three standings of the MEFs?
1 MEF-California and Arizona
2 MEF-North and South Carolina
3 MEF-Japan and Hawaii
What consists of a permanent CE adn one Marine division, MAW and FSSG?
What is MEB?
-Reinforced infantry regiment, aircraft group, a Brigade Service Support Group (BSSG)
Who normally commands a MEB?
Brigadier General
What is the Command Element of a MEB?
-command and control
-commanded by a General
-contains a SIRG detachment
What is the Air Combat Element of the MEB?
Marine aircraft group
What is the Ground Combat Element of a MEB?
reinforced infantry group
What is the Combat Service Support Group of the MEB?
A Brigade Service Support Group (BSSG)
What is the MEU(SOC)?
Marine expeditionary unit(special operations capable
What is thought of both as self-contained operations cabable of missions of limited scope adn duration ?
What are some of the special operations performed by the MEU(SOC)?
-Recon and surveillance
-Specialized demolitions
-Tactiacal recovery of aircraft and personnel (TRAP)
-Seizure/recovery offshore energy facilities
-Seizure/recovery of selected personnel or material
-Visit, board, search and seizure of vessels
-In-extremis hostage recovery
What is the Command Element of the MEU(SOC)?
-Command section
-Chaplin section
-Headquarters commandant
-Public affairs section
What is the ACE of the MEU(SOC)?
Reinforced helocopter squadron
What is the GCE of the MEU(SOC)?
Infantry battalion reinforced
What is the CSSE of a MEU(SOC)?
task-organized CSSE
What are the 7 MEU(SOC) command elements and the MEFs in which it resides?
1 MEF- 11th, 13th, 15th MEUs (SOC)
2 MEF- 22nd, 24th, 26th MEUs (SOC)
3 MEF- 31st MEUs (SOC)
What is the organization of the Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force Elements (SPMAGTF)?
4th type of MAGTAF
used for special purposes (distater relief, humanitarian assistance, noncombatant evacuation operation, or security operations)
What is the CE of the SPMAGTF?
structered to conduct command and control
What is the ACE of the SPMAGTF?
task oriented detachment of aircraft
What is the GCE of the SPMAGTAF?
at least a platoon sized element
What is the CSSE of the SPMAGTAF?
task organized to meet specific service support requiements, centered on the unit designated to provide most of the service support