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When/how to salute
-Begin your salute in ample time (at least six, but not more than 30 paces away).
-Hold your salute until it is returned or acknowledged.
-Accompany the salute with an appropriate greeting.
-Look squarely at the person or colors being saluted.
-Render the salute only once if a senior remains in the immediate vicinity.
-Render the salute again if conversation takes place when a senior leaves or when you depart.

NOTE: Do not interrupt the conversation to salute another senior unless the officer to who you are speaking salutes a senior.
When/how to salute in a group
If Your group is not in formation-
Then the first person to notice an officer approaching calls the group to attention and Salutes for the group, or entire group salutes the group.

If Your group is in formation-
Then Senior person calls the formation to attention and salutes for the group.
Salute when passing an officer who is going in the same direction as you
Come abreast of the officer, salute and say, “By your leave, sir (ma’am).”

Officer returns the salute, and say, “Carry on” or “Granted.”

Terminate your salute and pass ahead.
Who should you salute?
Salute officers, regular and reserve, of the Navy, Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and foreign military and naval officers whose governments are formally recognized by the U.S. Government.
When should you NOT salute?
-At work indoors (except when under arms)
-A prisoner or Guarding prisoners
-Under battle conditions
-In ranks, at games, or part of a working detail
-At crowded gatherings, in public conveyances, or in congested areas, unless you are addressing or are being directly addressed by a senior
-Doing so would physically interfere with your performance of an assigned duty or would create a hazard
-While your blouse or coat is unbuttoned
-With a smoking device in your hand