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What battalion provides general engineering support of an expeditionary nature to the MEF?
Engineering Support Battalion
What type of support does ESB provide to the MEF?
Survivability, countermobility and mobility enhancements; EOD and general supply support incident to the handling, storage, dispensing of bulk class I (water) and bulk class III and III(A) items
What are the fiteen tasks of ESB?
-Conduct engineering reconaissance
-Construct, improve and maintain airfields
-Construct, improve and maintain encampments, CSSA's
-Conduct mobility enhancement operations
-Provide bulk class III and III(A) fuel support
-Provide utilities support
-Provide water purification
-Provide survivability enhancements (protective structures)
-Install/supervise other units in the installation of standard/non-standard, fixed-panel and floating briding
-Provide bath and laundry services
-Provide EOD support
-Construct field-expedient deception devices
-Conduct countermobility operations (obstacles/ barriers)
-Conduct mobility operations, including breaching, reducing and removing explosive/nonexplosive obstacles
-Provide specialized demolition operations
Which company provides command and control, administration and command support functions for the engineer support battalion and EOD support to the MEF?
H&S Company of the Engineering Support Battalion
What company provides direct support maintenance support for specified equipment that is organic to the battalion, direct support transportation and services support to the battalion and general support/reinforcing augmentation to the engineer companies of the battalion in support of the MEF operations?
Engineer Support Company
What company provides general support standard tactical bridging support to enhance the tactical mobility of the MEF?
Bridge Company of ESB
What company provides general support, class III supply support to the MEF, including distribution to, but not within, air bases in support of MEF operations?
Bulk Fuel Company
What company provides general engineering support of an expeditionary nature to the MEF?
Engineer Company of the ESB
What ESB has an active bridge company?
8th ESB
What does SCMES I/III stand for in regards to the ESB mission?
-Mobility Enhancements
-Supply support in handling, storage, dispensing of bulk class I and III items.
BLEED tasks of ESB are?
B-Briding;Install/supervise other units in the installion of standard/nonstandard fixed-panel and floating briding
L-Laundry and bath services;
E-EOD support;
E-Encampments; Construct, improve and maintain
D-Demolition;Provided specialized demo operations
DRAWS tasks of ESB are?
D-Dispensing; Bulk III fuel support, including receipt, storage and dispensing of bulk fuel products
R-Reconnaisance; Conduct engineering recon that is necessary
A-Airfields; Construct, improve and maintain airfields
W-Water purification; Bulk Class I storage and dispensing for the FSSG/MEF
S-Survivability enhancements; construction of protective structures
FUCCM tasks of ESB are?
F-Field-expedient deception devices
U-Utilites; Provide utilities support
C-Countermobility; Conduct ops through installation of obstacles and barriers including explosive/non-explosive obstacles
C-Communication; Construction, improvement and maintenance of lines of communications
M-obility; Conduct ops, including breaching, reducing and removing explosive/non-explosive obstacles.