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Who provides general supply support, except for bulk fuel and Navy-funded stock/ programs for sustaining MAGTF operations?
Supply Battalion of the Force Service Support Group (FSSG)
What are the twelve tasks of the Supply Battalion?
-Provide contracting support
-Provide warehousing capability
-Provide accounting for classes I, II, IV, VII, VIII, and IX supplies, initial issue provisioning assets and authorized levels of war reserve
-Provide subsistence support
-Provide receipt, storage and forwarding of class III supplies
-Provide receipt, storage and accounting functions for class V items
-Provide technical assistance in receipt, storage, assembly and provision of nuclear ordnance
-Provide for the receipt, storage, issue and organizational (2d echelon) and intermediate (3/4) maint. support for class VIII supplies and equipment
-Provide intermediate-level shop stores
-Provide procurement services for the MEF
-Provide packing, preservation and packaging (PP&P) services
Who provides command and control administration, and command support functions for the supply battalion and general support subsistence supply support to the MEF?
H&S Company of the Supply Battalion
What company provides general support supply support, including supply management and control to sustain the operations of the MEF?
Supply Company of the Supply Battalion
What company provides general support, class V supply support to the MEF?
Ammunition Company
What company provides general supply and maintenance support for class VIII material of the MEF?
Medical Logistics Company of the Supply Battalion
This class of supply deals gratuitous health and welfare items and rations?
I Subsistence
This class of supply deals with individual equipment, tentage, organizational tool sets and tool kits, hand tools, administrative and housekeeping supplies and equipment
II Clothing
This class of supply deals with oils and lubricants (POL), which consists of petroleum fuels, lubricants, hydraulic and insulating oils, liquid and compressed gases, bulk chemical products, coolants, de-icing and antifreeze compounds, preservatives together with components and additives of such products and coal
III Petroleum
This class of supply includes all construction material, installed equipment, and all fortification, barrier and bridging materials.
IV Construction
This type of class deals with all types of ammunition which includes chemical, radiological, special weapons, bombs, explosives, mines, detonators, pyrotechnics, missiles, rockets, propellants and fuses.
V Ammunition
This type of supply class deals with demand items or nomilitary sales items.
VI Personal
This type of supply class deals with a combination of produts assembled and configured in their intended form and ready for use (launchers/tanks/mobile machine shops/vehicles).
VII Major End Items
This type of supply class includes medical-unique repair parts, blood and blood products and medical and dental materials.
VIII Medical/dental material
This type of supply class includes components, kits, assemblies and subassemblies (repairable and non-repairable) required for maintenance support of all equipment.
IX Repair parts (less class VIII)
This type of supply class supports military requirements and programs that are not included in classes I through IX. (ie. materials needed for agricultural and economic development).
X Material
What are the six functions of supply?
-Requirements determination (routine, pre-planned, or long range)
What is AMAL?
Authorized medical allowance lists
What is ADAL?
Authorized dental allowance list
The material listed in each AMAL/ADAL is the maximum amount to be maintained.
It is the minimum amount
What Marine Corps Order contains AMAL/ADAL procurement policies and procedures?
MCO 4400 series
AMALs/ADALs are maintained and resupplied by what company?
Medical Logistics Company, Supply BN, FSSG.