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What is defined as "the science of planning and carrying out the movement and maintenance of forces?"
What is defined as "the essential capabilities, functions, activities and tasks necessary to sustain all elements of operating forces in theater at all levels of war?"
Combat Service Support
What are the three levels of logistic support?
Strategic, Operational and Tactical
"The level of war at which a nation, often as a member of a group of nations, determines national or multinational (alliance or coalition) security objectives and guidance, and develops and uses national resources to accomplish those objectives" is defined as?
Strategic logistic support
"The level of war at which campaigns and major operations are planned, conducted and sustained to accomplish strategic objectives within theaters or areas of operations" is defined as?
Operational logistic support
"The level of war at which battles and engagements are planned and executed to accomplish military objectives assigned to tactical units or task forces" is defined as?
Tactical logistic support
What are the 6 functional areas of tactical logistics?
-General engineering
-Health Services
What unit can provide supply, maintenance, transportation, deliberate engineering, health, postal, disbursing, pow, information systems, exchange, utilities, legal and graves registration services?
Combat Service Support Element (CSSE)
What are the seven principles of logistics support?
What is defined as mission-essential principal end items, secondary items, and munitions required to attain operational objectives in the scenarios authorized for sustainability planning and other stockage objectives approved for programming in the Defense Planning Guidance?
War Reserve Material
Limited technical inspections
Table of authorized material
Table of equipment
What unit is task-organized to provide the full range of combat service support necessary to accomplish the MAGTF mission?
Combat Service Support Element
What inventories are acquired during peacetime?
War Reserve Material
Inspections that are limited in scope and objective and are generally directed at inspecting equipment conditions to determine the extent and level of maintenance required to restore to a specified condition or to check for serviceability status is called?
Limited technical inspection (LTI)
Table of organization; document which provides authority for personnel staffing of a unit
A MEU normally deploys with the logistic capability to sustain itself with some classes of supply for up to how many days?
up to 15 days
A brigade-sized MAGTF (MEF Fwd) normally deploys with the logistic capability to sustain itself with some classes of supply for up to how many days?
up to 30 days
A MEF normally deploys with the logistic capability to sustain itself with some classes of supply for up to how many days?
up to 60 days
What reflects brigade-sized unit deployment/MEF employment utilizing Military Sealift Command (MSC) chartered ships to preposition necessary supplies and equipment?
The Maritime Prepositioning Force (MPF) concept
Several MSC chartered ships of various capabilities deploy to form a single?
Maritime prepositioning ships squadron (MPSRON)
Each MPSRON is designed to sustain one MEF (FWD)-sized unit for how many days in most classes of supply?
30 days