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Who are reporting seniors by vitue of their command authority?
Commanding Officers
Who can submit properly authorized fitness/evaluation reports of any member who has reported to them for duty, whether junior or senior to them in grade?
Commanding Officers
Delegation of reporting senior authority is an actual transfer of that authority?
These personnel are authorized to assume the reporting senior authority of subordinate CO's whose capacity to act as reporting seniors becomes impaired.
Immediate Superios in Command (ISICs)-they are the reporting senior for assigned CO's
CPO's may act as reporting seniors for members in the grades of what?
E4 and below only
Counseling methods are up to who in the command and when are they provided?
Commanding Officer; mid-point of the periodic report cycle
These must cover day-for-day all Naval service on Active duty or in drilling Reserve programs.
Regular reports
These type of reports provide a record of significance performance in additional duty or temporary additional duty status.
Concurrent reports
These reports are optional and may only be submitted on CO's or OIC's by operational commanders who are not also their regular reporting seniors.
Operational Commander reports
Which trait grade is reserved for performance which is far above standards?
5.0 grade
Which trait grade means generally poor performance, which is not improving, or unsatisfactory performance with respect to a single standard?
1.0 grad
The enlisted performance mark for Progressing is?
The enlisted performance mark for Significant Problems is?
The enlisted performance mark for Promotable is?
The enlisted performance mark for Must-Promote is?
Adverse or downgraded fitness/eval reports may be directed as punishment to the proper disposition of misconduct under the UCMJ.
Members can submit statements to the record concerning their reports within how long?
at the time of report of within 2 years thereafter
This type of naval correspondence is used when writing to addresses inside/ outside DOD.
Standard Letter
This type of letter is transmitted "Via;" your activity, uses an endorsement to forward comments, recs or information.
This type of corresondence provides an informal way to correspond within an activity or between DON activities.
This part of NAVPERS 1070/602 serves as an application for dependency allowances and is used to capture military spouse data.
Part I
Part II of the NAVPERS 1070/602 provides what?
An immediately accessible, up-to-date record of emergency data
Part II of the NAVPERS 1070/602 is the official document used to determine what?
-Person to be notified in case of emergency or death
-Person to receive death gratuity when no spouse or child exists
-Person to receive unpaid pay and allowances
-Dependents of member to receive allotment of pay if member is missing or unable to transmit funds
-Commercial insurance companies to be notified in case of death
-National Service Life Insurance, SGLI, and Vet's Group Life Insurance in Effect
This form is a chronological history of occupational and training related qualifications and their awards and commendations.
This form is a chronological record of duty assignments and is maintained throughout the member's active and inactive duty career.
This form serves as a chronological record of significant miscellaneous entries which are not provided for elsewhere or where more detailed information may be required to clarify entries on other pages of the USN Enlisted Service Record.
What is the purpose of the UCMJ?
Promote good order and discipline and provide the basis for the administration of justice for the Armed Forces
Who is responsible for upholding the UCMJ?
All members of the Armed Forces
Who is subject to the UCMJ?
Regular/reserve component of the Armed Forces
Members of the Fleet Reserve and Fleet Marine Corps Reserve
Members of a reserve component while on inactive-duty training
Members of teh Army National Guard and the Air National Guards only when federalized
In time of war, all persons serving with or accompanying an Armed Force in the field
Volunteers from the time of their muster or acceptance into the Armed Forces
Inductees from the time of their actual induction into the Armed Forces
Cadets, aviation cadets, and midshipmen
Retired members of a regular component who are entitle to pay
Retired members of a reserve component who are receiving hospitalization from an Armed Force
Which court martial is composed of one active duty commissioned officer with the rank of captain or higher?
Summary court-martial
What is the lowest level of authority to convene a summary court-martial?
A battalion commander or equivalent
What punishments may a summary court-martial adjudge?
Confinement for more than 1 month with hard labor, without confinement for more than 45 days, restriction for more than 2 months, or forfeiture of more than 1 month's pay
What type of court-martial can be composed of a military judge alone, or a military judge and not less than 3 active-duty armed service members?
Special court-martial
What is the lowest level of authority to convene a special court-martial?
A squadron, battalion commander or equivalent
What punishments may a special court-martial adjuge?
Confinement for 6 months, hard labor without confinement for 3 months, or forfeiture of more than two-thirds pay for 6 months, a bad conduct discharge, and reduction in rank.
Which court-martial can be composed of a military judge alone or a military judge and not less than 5 impartial active-duty armed service personnel?
General court-martial
What is the lowest level of authority to convene a general court-martial?
The Commanding General of a division, wing, base or equivalent
What is the purpose of NJP?
Give the commander ability to maintain good order and discipline
When can NJP be administered?
Minor offenses of the UCMJ. (Max sentence if tried by a general court-martial does not include dishonorable discharge or confinement of greater than one year)
Can the accused demand trial by court-martial in lieu of NJP?
Can the accused appeal the punishment if he considers it unjust or disproportionate to the offense?
Within how many days must you submit a statement of impositon of punishment from NJP?
5 days (statement describing why the punishment is unjust or disproportionate)
What is the MCO that deals with Hazing?
MCO 1700.28
What is a monthly statement of an activity's enlisted personnel account?
Enlisted Distribution Verification Report (EDVR)
What sections of the EDVR contain information that has been extracted from the account because it requires special attention or action by the activity?
Sections 1-3
What section of the EDVR contains an alphabetic listing of all enlisted members assigned to the activity?
Section 3
What section of the EDVR contains the total personnel account of the activity?
Section 4
What section of the EDVR contains the Personnel Status Summary?
Section 5
What does section 6 of the EDVR contain?
Distribution Navy Enlisted Classification Code (DNEC) Management
What does section 7 of the EDVR contain?
NEC Billet and Personnel Inventory
What section of the EDVR contains a list of individeuals who are qualified in Navy Enlisted Classification Codes (NECs)?
Section 8
What section of the EDVR contain the Diary Message Summary and Duty Preference Listing?
Sections 9 and 10
Which sections contains individual security data, citizenship code, involuntary extension months, Pay Entry Base Date, Time in Rate, Advancement Efective Date, and FORMAN Status and Action Date?
Section 11
Section 12 of the EDVR contains what?
A listing of both officer/enlisted in an embarked or TAD status to augment normal manning