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What does APFT stand for?
Army physical fitness training
What is the primary objective of a physical training program?
To enhance combat readiness by developing and sustaining a high level of physical fitness in soldiers.
What are APFT standards based on?
Age and physiological differences between men and women
Results of the APFT are recorded on what form?
DA Form 705
What should happen to soldiers w/o medical profiles that repeatedly fail the APFT?
They should be barred fro reenlistment or processed for separation from the service.
What are the seven principles of exercise
1.Regularity, e. progression, 3 overload, 4. balance, 5. specificity, 6. variety, 7. recovery
The acronym FITT makes it easier to remember the key factors in training program. What do the letter stand for?
Frequency, intesity, time, type
How does warming up help prevent injuries and maximize performance during physical training?
The warm-up increases the body's internal temperature and heart rate. The chance of getting injured decreases when the heart, muscles, ligaments, and tendons are properly prepared for exertion.
An adequate warm-up period should include some running in place or slow jogging, stretching, and calisthenics and should last for how long?
five to seven minutes
What is the purpose for cooling down after an exercise period, regardless of the type of workout?
The cool-down serves to gradually slow the heart rate and helps prevent pooling of the blood in the legs and feet. Also, stretching during the cool-down period results in optimum improvement in flexibility.
What are the three phases of fitness conditioning?
Preparatory,conditioning, and maintenance
What are three types of army physical fitness programs?
Unit, individual and special
what are the four type of road marches?
Day, limited visibility, forced, shuttle
there are two classifications of road marches what are they?
Administrative and Tactical
what is meant by muscle failure?
That point in an exercise when a soldier is unable to peform another correct repetition in a set.
Normal recovery between sets should be how long?
30-180 seconds
The recovery period between workouts of the same muscle group should be at least ___ hours, but not more than _____ hours.
what are calisthenics?
Exercises that develop strength, endurance, coordination, and flexibility in all major muscle groups
What are the two prescribed formations for physical fitness training
Extended rectangular and circular
which of the above formations is the traditional formation for most hysical training activities?
Extended rectangular formation
what is the advantage of the circular formation over the extended rectangular formation?
It affords better supervision of soldiers, especially for guerrilla exercises, the circuit interval course, grass drills, and some forms of running
When should separate circles be used?
when more than 60 soldiers must exercise.
How do you prepare the unit for the last repetition of any exercise?
All numbers in the final repetition will be given with a raised inflection of the voice.
what is a DA Form 3349 and what is its purpose?
Physical profile form; informs soldiers and their commanders of not only their physical limitations but also the exercises they can perform
what is the official maximum score on the APFT?
300 points