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low blood calcium
high blood calcium
symptoms signs of hypocalcemia
hyperactive reflexes carpopedal spasm, perioral paresthesias, muscle twitching muscle cramps, tetany laryngospasm, cardiac arrhythmieas, nausea, vomiting anxiety, confusion, emotional lability, convulsions
sym/sings of hypercalcemia
anoxeria nausea, vomiting, lethargy, bone tenderness or pain polyurea polydipsea constipatin dehydration muscle weakness and atrophy stupor coma cardaic arrest
low blood magnesium
high blood magnesium
sym/signs hypomagnesemia
leg and foot cramps hypertension tachycardia neuromuscular irritability tremor hyperactive deeo tendon reflexes confusion disorientation visual or auditory hallucinations painful paresthesias trousseau sign chevostek sign convulsions
sym/signs hypermagnesemia
lethargy drowsiness impaired respiration flushing sweating hypotenstion weak to absent deep tendon reflexes
low blood potassium
high blood potassium
sym/signs hypokalemia
anorexia nausea vomiting mental depression condusion delayed or impaired thought porcesse, drowisiness abdomian distention drecrease bowel sounds paralytic ileus muscle weakness or fatigue flaccid paralysis abssent or diminishe deep tendon reflexes weak irregular pulse paresthesia leg cramps ECG changes
sym/signs hyperkalemia
irritability anxiety listlessness mental confusion nausea, diarrhea, abdominal distres gastrointestinal hyperactivity paresthesias weakness and heaviness of the legs flaccid paralysis hyptension cardac arrhythmisa electrocardiograph ECG changes
low blood sodium
high blood sodium
sym/signs hyponatremia
cold clammy skin decreased skin turgor apprehension confusion irritability anxiety hypotension postural hypotension tchycardia headache tremors convulsions abdominal cramps nausea, vomiting diarrhea
sym/signs hypernatremia
fever hot dry skin dry ticky mucous membranes rough dry tongue edema weight gain intense thirst excitment restlessness agitation oliguria or anuria