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flowcharts are made up of...
...industry-standard symbols.
flowchart provides logic for the... program.
flowcharts and _____ are the staple item of computer professionals.
related logic-development tools
process symbol
straight processing of data takes place. RECTANGLE
decision symbol
decision needs to be made based on two outcomes. DIAMOND
input/output symbol (I/O)
asking the user a question or printing a report. RHOMBUS
terminal symbol
the word begin or start is written in it always begins every flowchat. end or finish too. LONGATED OVAL
off-page connector
gone off the page. HOME PLATE
flow connector
one logic flow of the flow chart is to merge with another. SMALL CIRCLE
flow directions
arrows that connect every symbol. UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT ARROWS
rule #1
use standard flow chart symbols.
rule #2
flow chart logic should go from top to bottom, and left to right.
rule #3
decision symbol is the only symbol that can have more than one exit, and it must have two.
rule #4
a decision symbol should always ask a yes or no question.
rule #5
instructions in the symbols should be in clear English, not computerese or programming language statements.