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When two chemical compounds come together, but are not chemically combined it is called a ?
The volume of fuel and air is controlled by the throttle which operates the _______
The instrument which monitors the electrical current or flow is called the ______.
The engine speed is monitored by the ______.
This instrument monitors pressure and displays this as height above sea level
This instrument displays a rate of change in altitude and gives the pilot a rate of climb, or descent
vertical speed indicator
This instrument records the difference between still air(static) and air being rammed into the system.
airspeed indicator
The information you get when you read the airspeed indicator directly is
indicated airspeed
The actual speed of the airplane through the air is called _____.
True airspeed
These instruments are based on the principle of a spinning gyroscope.
attitude indicator, turn coordinator, and heading indicator
What three main flight instruments operate from the pitot/static system?
airspeed indicator, altimeter, vertical speed indicator
What flight instrument gives a precise rate of turn information?
turn coordinator
What flight instrument is actually an artificial compass?
heading indicator
What aircraft instrument was once known as the artificial horizon?
attitude indicator
What two gauges monitor the operation of the oil system?
oil temperature and oil pressure gauges