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Where do we primarily get our beef from?
At Fleming's we feature what kind of beef?
USDA Prime
Is our beef wet aged or dry aged?
Wet aged
Do we use corn-fed cattle or grass-fed cattle?
Corn-fed cattle
What 3 qualities does the meat have to have to be graded Prime?
1- Bright red color
2- Fine, firm texture
3- Moderately abundant marbling
What pecentage of beef in the U.S. is Prime?
2 %
6 oz, 8 oz, 11 oz, 12 oz
Leanest, most tender cut; least marbling
16 oz
Most flavorful cut of meat; more marbled cut
Ribeye Bone-In
20 oz
Broiled with the bone in for added flavor
New York Strip
16 oz
Cut from the striploin marbling gives a rich flavor
New Zealand Lamb Chops
14 oz / 3 chops
served with champagne mint sauce
Veal Chop
14 oz
served with side of bernaise - Hollandaise
All our meats are seasoned with ____ and ____ and then broiled at high heat at ___ degrees. It is then finished with ____ and ____.
salt and pepper, 1600 degrees, butter and parsley
red, cool center
Medium Rare
red, warm center
pink, warm center
Medium Well
slight pink center
cooked throughout
Peppercorn Steak
12 oz New York
served with side of F17 sauce and French green beans
Porcini Rubbed Filet
8 oz
topped with porcini dust and gorgonzola cream sauce and served over 3 grilled asparagus spears
Pork Chop
14 oz
Center cut, marinated in brine
Topped with glaze and baked and served with sauteed apple jicama julienne
Marinated Breast of Chicken
16 oz
Double airline breast
Marinated in lemon, Italian seasoning & pomace oil
Baked and served with chicken sauce
Prime Rib
12 oz
Served with au jus, horseradish mustard sauce & horseradish cream sauce
What are the 2 kinds of Lobster we serve?
Main and North Atlantic
Lobster Tail
(1) 8-10 oz tail - entree
North Atlantic, cold water
Baked and served with warm melted butter & lemon
Alaskan King Crab Legs
16 oz
First merus of the king crab legs
Steamed and served with warm melted butter and lemon
Tuna Mignon
(2) 4 oz pieces
Seared Rare and Served with tomato vinaigrette
Scottish Samon Fillet
(2) 4 oz fillets
Seared and enhanced with BBQ flaze
Served over braised portobello & shitake mushrooms and finished with cilantro oil
New Bedford Scallops
6 U13 scallops
Seared and dressed with a lobster cream sauce & served with a puff pastry filled with sauteed carrots, asparagus & shitake mushrooms
Petrale Sole
6 oz
Dusted with seasoned flour & eggwash
Sauteed in butter & served with 3 crab
Garnished with diced red pepper & jalapeno
Salmon Nicoise Salad
6 oz Scottish Salmon
Pan seared and drizzled with preserved lemon liqiud. Finished in broiler and dusted with lemon dust. Sits on a bed of julienne butter lettuce dressed with lemon balsamic & topped with grape tomatoes. Served with French green beans, sweet baby peppers & Yukon potatoes tossed in lemon balsamic and basil. Plated with truffled deviled egg
Seared Ahi Tuna
Center cut tuna rolled in spicy tuna oil. Seared rare and sliced thin. Accompanied with vegetables that are seasoned with rice wine vinagar. Served with spicy mustard sauce. Garnished with pickled ginger, cilantro & wasabi paste
Sweet Chile Calamari
12 oz
Marintated in buttermilk & dusted with seasoned flour. Deep fried the sauteed in pomace oil, sweet banana peppers, red bell peppers & finished with sweet chili sauce. Garnished with chive sticks & lime
Shrimp Cocktail
4 U12 Shrimp - appetizer
Cooked in court boullion. Served stacked on a vegetable relish with cocktail sauce. Dressed with cilantro oil and garnished with lemon
Wicked Cajun Barbecue Shrimp
4 U12 Shrimp - appetizer
Sauteed with white wine & BBQ butter. Served with a toasted crouton & garnished with lemon wedge & parsley
Lobster Tempura
(2) 2-3 oz tails - appetizer
2 Maine tails split into 4 pieces. Deep fried until golden brown & over tempura red pepper, portobello & asparagus. Served with jalapeno pepper sauce. Garnished with sprouts and lemon
Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes
(2) 3 oz cakes - appetizer
Crabcake mix, baked then served with roasted red pepper & lime butter. Garnished with diced red peppers & chive sticks
Lump Crab Wraps
(2) 1 oz portions - appetizer
2 Butter lettuce cups filled with lump crab meat & dressed with 1000 island vinaigrette. Topped with diced avocado, bacon & halved grape tomatoes. Garnished with grated hard boild egg
Tenderloin Carpaccio
4 oz - Rare tenderloin sliced thin & drizzeled with caper creole mustard. Also includes: red onions, capers, chiffonade of spinach & basil tossed in olive oil. Topped with shredded hard boiled egg & served with 6 emmental croutons. Garnished with lemon
Roasted Mushroom Ravioli
3 Steamed raviolis, topped with porcini mushroom butter sauce. Garnished with parmesan shavings
Fleming's Salad Dressings
Blue Cheese, Ranch, Caesar, Lemon Balsamic Vinaigrette, Red Wine Vinaigrette, 1000 Island Vinaigrette
Fleming's Salad
Blend of romaine, iceberg and mesclun (5oz), red onion julienne, candies walnuts, dried cranberries, halved grape tomatoes, salad crouton & tossed with LBV dressing (2oz)
The Wedge
1/3 head of iceberg lettuce, halved grape tomatoes, red onion julienne, crumbled blue cheese, choice of dressing (3oz) & garnished with 2 chive sticks
Classic Caesar
Romaine lettuce hearts (5oz), parmesan cheese shavings, parmesan croutons & caesar dressing
Fresh Mozzarella & Sweet Tomato
(3) 1.25 oz Slices of fresh mozzarella seasoned with salt. Cucumber ring filled with halved red grape tomatoes & basil julienne tossed in balsamic reduction & olive oil. Drizzeled with balsamic reduction & olive oil & topped with basil leaf
Baked Potatoes
Choice of : butter, sour cream, bacon, chives, cheddar chesse all on the side OR loaded
Fleming's Potatoes
15 oz - A signature dish made with scalloped Idaho potatoes, heavy cream, half & half, butter, cheddar & monterey jack cheeses, jalapenos, leeks, garlic & S&P
Mashed Potatoes
Choice of Roasted garlic, blue cheese or parmesan emmental and black pepper butters
Double Cut Shoestring Fries
5oz- Idaho potatoes julienned & deep fried until golden brown, piled high
Onion Rings
5 Each - Dipped in seasoned batter, onion ring seasoning & panko. Deep fried until golden brown
Half & Half
Shoestring Fries AND Onion Rings. Served with a side of jalapeno aioli & ketchup
Grilled Asparagus
6 oz/ 14 Spears
Brushed with herb oil, seasoned with s&p & butter, grilled & garnished with roasted red pepper julienne
Sweet Butter Corn
8 oz - Corn sauteed with extra virgin olive oil, shallots, white pepper, black pepper, cayenne, salt & sugar. Finished with butter and garnished with diced chives
Creamed Sweet Corn
6 oz - A blend of corn, butter, onion, salt, black & white pepper, cayenne, paprika, flour, half & half, sugar & parmesan. Gratinee with parmesan & emmental cheese. Garnished with fried jalapeno rings
Sauteed Mushrooms
10 oz - Button & portobello mushrooms sauteed in butter with whole garlic & garlic pepper spice
French Green Beans
4 oz - Sauteed in butter with button and shiitake mushrooms. Seasones with s&p & finished with porcini dust
Sauteed Spinach
8 oz - Spinach, julienne red onion- sauteed in brown butter, s&p
Roasted Baby Carrots
6 oz - Carrots sauteed in pomace oil, white balsamic vinegar & apple juice. Golden raisins, slivered almonds seasoned with s&p & finished with butter & garnished with chopped parsley
Creamed Spinach
8 oz - A blend of chopped spinach, onion, garlic, half & half, cream cheese, butter, cayenne, chicken base, s&p & flour. Topped with parmesan / emmental cheeses
Chipotle Cheddar Macaroni & Cheese
16 oz - Cavatappi (corkscrew pasta) baked in smoked cheddar sauce. Topped with chipotle seasoned bread crumbs & garnished with chopped parsley
Cream Brulee
A traditional mixture of heavy cream, vanilla bean, fresh egg yolks, sugar & garnished with fresh berries. Baked, then chilled; finished with carmelized raw sugar
Cream cheese, sugar, whole eggs, sour cream & vanilla extract. Baked in a graham cracker crust. Garnished with white chocolate curls & blueberry sauce
Frozen Lemon Gingersnap Pie
Frozen Lemon Pie with a gingersnap, graham cracker crust. Finished with a raspberry lemon foam sauce. Garnished with fresh raspberry
Chocolate Lava Cake
Chocolate cake made of butter, semi-sweet chocolate, eggs, sugar & flour. Baked with center still gooey. Served with (2) 2 oz scoops of vanilla ice cream in an oval pistachio tuille bowl. Dressed with powdred sugar, fudge sauce, chopped pistachios & pistachio tuille. Garnished with fresh raspberries & mint
Walnut Turtle Pie
Chocolate walnut filling. Garnished with caramel sauce and chocolate shavings
Mixed Berries
Fresh Seasonal Berries
Ice Cream & Sorbet
(3) 2 oz scoops of ice cream or sorbet
Chantilly Cream
Heavy whipping cream, powdered sugar, vanilla