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'not her best work' (p7)
This means she usually says things that are funnier or cleverer.
'we get the point' (p7)
This means 'we understand' what she wants to say.
'dissecting' (p7)
_______usually means cutting something up, like an animal. He is separting the sections (parts) of the newspaper.
'which we thought was pretty lame' (p7)
______means crippled or damaged, here it means dumb or not clever.
'he was promoted and promoted' (p7)
'Pro'means to front or forward, 'mot' means to move. ________means to be given a better job in the same. company.
' rattling off'(p7)
_______is the noise a machine makes when it is producing things. Here it means she is quickly listing many names.
'denim' (p7)
______is the name of the cotton material that jeans are made from.
'forced to accomodate' (p8)
_____ means he has to do something. _____ means to make room or a space for something.
'put in an appearance' (p8)
This means to come for a short time to a party or place for a short time.
'ensure its evenness'(p8)
_______means to make omething certain or sure.
______means equal or fair so that no one has an advantage. This phrase has a nice sound.
'who give a damn' (p8)
This is a quote from a famous movie (Gone With The Wind) where the man says 'Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn'. It means 'I/we don't care about it.
'changes the subject' (p8)
_______ means she alters what she is talking about. Starts to talk about something else.
'acquired' (p8)
This word means to get something, not always by buying it. You can _______things but not people.
'venture' (p8)
This is the same word as 'adventure', it has the idea of going somewhere dangerous or difficult. Businesses start new _____s, so do explorers.
'frantic hunt' (p8)
______ means worried, desperate, afraid. _____means to look hard for something.