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What is the process of time management?
Define activities
Sequence activities
Estimate activity resources
Estimate activity durations
Develop schedule
Control schedule
In which process is the schedule management plan created?
The schedule management plan is created in the integration management process as part of develop project management plan
What are key outputs of the define activities process?
Activity list
Activity attributes
Milestone list
What a key outputs of the sequence activities process?
Network diagrams
Project document Updates
What is a key output of the estimate activity resources process?
Activity resource requirements
What are key outputs of the control schedule process?
Work performance measurements
Change requests
Updates To Project Management Plan And Project Documents
What a mandatory dependencies and discretionary dependencies?
Mandatory: One activity must be done after or before another
May also be called hard logic
Discretionary: when you prefer activities to be accomplished in a certain order
May also be called
Soft logic
What are external dependencies?
Dependency is based on the needs of the party outside the project
What is a Resource Breakdown Structure (RBS)?
A hierarchical list of identified resources by category