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What is 1146?
Death Call
What is 1145, 1145t, 1140od, au1145 & Jumper?
Either someone has committed suicide, wants to, overdosed, all units suicidal thoughts and someone that wants to jump from something
Carrying a Concealed weapon
417, 417R, Laser
Threating with a weapon, threating with a weapon report and someone used a laser.
245,245r,245-susp, au245
Assualt with a Deadly Weapon, report, susp is there now, all units
246, 247, 246r & 247r
A) shooting into a occupied hse or veh
B) shooting into a unoccupied hse or veh
187, 187-susp, au187
murder, murder susp, all units
207, 207r
Kidnapping, kidnapping report
288, 288r, 288c, 288-susp
Child molest, report, caser or susp
220 220r
sexual assualt, sexual assualt report
273, 273r
child abuse or child abuse report
citizens complaint, citizen contact, chronic citizen caller
602, 314, 314r
indecent exposure
indecent exposure report
1016, 1016t, 1016qc
prisioner, prisioner transport, prisioner quick cite
dc, bomb,blue, hzrd,
desk call, bomb, blue, or hazard
Hate Inv, Auhate
Hate crime invesgitation
Juvenile Service Team
470, 470r, 470rx
Forgery report
Perscription forgery
items found
23110, 23110r
throwing things in progress or report
security check
508r 518r
extortation, charities solicatations
368, 368r
Elder abuse, Elder abuse report
financial or age
Where would you find the information about the area commands?
Info file under Info Commands