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Name five functional communication skills.
influence, envisionment, empowering followers, creativity, regulating behavior, problem solving.
Name some emotional communication compitencies.
attending to the emotiosn of others, understanding and analysing emotional signals, regulation of emotion, emotional facilitation of thinking.
Setting goals individually, maintaining strict control, one way communication, and the followers have no power are some examples of what leadership style.
The authoritarian style.
What are some characteristics of transactional leadership.
The leader is extremely focused on the status quo, concerned about maintaining not moving forward, more traditional, behave like managers.
What are some of the characteristics of the Democratic Leadership style.
Involving followers in votes, two way communication, interaction, much follower input.
Being creative, interactive, visionary, empowering, and passionate are the characteristics of _______________________
Trasformastional Leadership
What are some of the characteristics of task oriented leadership?
Concerned only with the completion of tasks. Very styleized communication, focuses on tasks only.
Charismatic Leaders are...
highly attractive to followers, rely on trust, persuasive, can use power for good or bad, followers love them, they think they have super powers.
Offering little guidence, not giving help if not asked, Offers self rule, followers set their own goals are examples of what leadership style.
Laissez Faire
What are some good and bad leadership traits.
just study
Name four kinds of followers and their description.
Alienated followers: think they are being mistreated.

Conformists: some of their own thought, usually have to be presented to.

Pragmatists: more independant

Exemplary: highly as critical thinkers and as followers of orders.
What are some creative roadblocks?
Emotional, Cultural, Environmental, Intellectual, Expressive.
What is the process of creativity?
Preparation, Incubation, Illumination, Verification. Preparation is the original problem to solve. incubation is where the idea grows. Illumination is the light bulb moment. Varification is final tests.
concerned with relationships, has teamwork, likes opinions, listens to others, focuses on attitudes are examples of what kind of leadership.
Interpersonal leadership.