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What is a Mnemonic?
A mnemonic is a way to remember something like the rainbow EG:, orange, green, blue, indigo, violet.
Why are Mnemonics importnat?
Mnemonics are importan because they can help you memorize important facts to study. EG: EGBDF..the scale on a music staff.
What are the types of Mnemonics?
- Acronym - Imagery
- Acrostic - The Method
- Chaining of Laci
- Rhymes
What is SQ3R?
SQ3R is a useful note taking tool.
What is SQ3R used for?
SQ3R is used for note taking, to help you study for an exam or test.
How do you use SQ3R
R-red, recite, review.
What is power writing?
Power writing is a strategy writers use to construct anorganized paragraph.
What is power writing used for?
Power writing is used to help students learn how to become a better writer.
What does each "power" stand for?
POWER 1 -topic sentence

POWER 2 -major detail that explains or supports the POWER 1 sentence

POWER 3 -minor detail that explains or supports the POWER 2 sentence

POWER 4 -concluding or closing sentence relates to the POWER 1 sentence
How do you create flash cards?
You create flash cards bu typing in a question, then typing in an aswer to help you study.
How do you use flash cards?
you use flash cards by reading the question on the front of the card, then trying to asnwer it correctly, then turn it backwards and find the correct answer.
What is a concept mind map?
A concept mind map is a mind map that helps you organize your ideas.
Why is a concept mind map useful?
A concept mind mape is useful for when you have a lot of idead that you need to organize.
How do you create a concept mind map?
you can create a concept mind map on SMART IDEAS.
What are the parts of a concept mind map?
there are sevral parts of a mindmap such as: central image, concepts, conncectors, visuals, codes, cross connectors.