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What is the source for uniform regulations?
What are authorized stops while in uniform?
dropping off/picking up kids, gas or other essential driving aids, dry cleaning,ATM or in bank, picking up vehicles, & purchase of emergency childcare or health products
How many inches can women's fingernails measure?
1/4 inch
How far can sideburns extend?
middle of ear
What type of earings may enlisted women wear?
What is the maximum of small barrettes/combs/clips that are similar to the hair coloring that can be used?
How many rings may be worn?
1 ring per hand is authorized, plus a wedding/engagement ring set
The bulk of the hair shall not exceed approximately how many inches?
2 inches
What are the 5 basic human needs?
1. Survival- Basic needs, food, water, sleep
2. Safety/Security- Being secure in your environment
3. Social- Belonging; family, friends, co-workers.
4. Esteem- The feeling of self-importance.
5. Self Actualization- the full realization of one’s own potential.
Rules and Regs for Petty Officers are found in what 3 docs?
1. US Navy Regulations
2. Manual for Courts-Matrial
3. Standard Organization and Regulation of the US Navy (SORM)
What is the reference for the NAVY safety and health manual?
OPNAV 5100.19
What are the goals of status reporting?
1. Be on time
2. Be accurate
3. Be Brief
4. Be Gone
The 4 B's
Performance feedback requires__________in private and __________in public.
correct in private
praise in public
What are the 4 major types of counseling?
1. Personal
2. Career
3. Performance
4. Disciplinary
What is PQS?
he minimum knowledge and skills necessary to qualify for a specific watch station or maintain specific equipment.
What are the 4 instructional methods?
1. Lecturing (most frequently used)
2. Telling
3. Discussing
4. Demonstrating
What re the CTT (Command training team) Manning Requirements?
Command size..........CTT