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STEP A - Basics/Background
Remember the outside surfaces of PPE is contaminated
Step B - Basics/Background
PPE's are put on inside the room,
Step C - Procedure
Untie waste of gown
Step D - Procedure
Do not touch skin to gloves
Pinch first glove about an inch below top and pull off inside out
Put removed glove rolled up into gloved hand
Slip finger(s) from un-gloved hand underneath cuff of remaining glove at wrist
Remove glove turning it inside out as it is removed over glove in hand
Step E - Procedure
Dispose of gloves into designated waste container without contaminating self
Step F - Procedure
Wash hands
Step G - Procedure
Unfasten gown at neck
Step H - Procedure
Remove gown:
Without touching outside of gown
Cross arms and grasp shoulders of gown
Pull forward off shoulders first. then arms, causing it to fold inside out
Roll gown so all contaminated portions are "inside"
Step I - Procedure
While removing gown, hold gown away from body, (DO NOT TOUCH UNIFORM WITH GOWN), turn gown inward and keeps it inside out
Step J - Procedure
Dispose of gown in "Hazardous Waste" Container without contaminating self
Step K - Procedure
Wash hands
Step L - Procedure
Remove mask (and cap, etc. if necessary) and discard
Step M - Procedure
Open door with dry paper towel
Step N - Procedure
Wash hands after leaving room