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What are the fixture criteria?
-ability to meet specification
-conformance to standards
-ease of use
-economy of construction
What are the key issues?
-Setting of cutters
-securing to machine table
What are the activities in fixture design?
1. planning (concept)
2. layout (embodiment)
3. element & body design (detail)
What is the formula for v locator error?
error = change in radius / sin (a/2)
How can you minimise v locator error?
Proper placement of v locator
What are the influence of design fixtures?
-availability of standard designs
-number required
-available techniques
-material property
-factory standards
Is accuracy guaranteed on machines with high accuracy and final dimensions similar to machine/tool accuracy?
No, due to tolerance stacks
What is a modular fixturing system?
-base with a grad of bored holes
-quick attachement of components
-precise & easy movement of component
-small grid with positive adjustment devices
What are the benefits of modular fixturing systems?
1. time saving
2. flexibility
3. suited for CAD
4. extended fixturing capacity
5. clamping flexibility
6. high performance
7. small and medium runs
8. high performance tooling for subcontracting
9. easy storage and maintenance
What are the weaknesses of modular fixturing systems?
-low stiffness
-limited accuracy
What are conformable fixtures?
fixtures that adapt to geometry of workpiece
What are the guidelines for fixture design?
-use prefinished materials
-eliminate finishing operations
-keep tolerances liberal
-simplify tooling details