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MVP murmur diminishes in what position?
start HAART when CD4 is
< 350 / ul
how often is gardisil given?
1, 2, 6 months
Within how much time do you want to administer HBIG to a recently exposed person?
within 14 days of exposure
leading GYN killer
ovarian CA
Tx for migraine attack
Tx of cluster headache
- sumatriptan + O2
- ergotamine inhalation
common pathogens causing PNA in children
h. flu
strep. pneumo
Drug to abort migraine HA
ergotamine, triptans
Drugs to prevent migraines for maintenance.
amitriptyline, verapamil;

Rx only if migraines occur 1-2 times per month.
Best tx to prevent PE in a 65yo male with hip replacement
warfarin to INR 2-3
ESRD definition
GFR < 10ml/min
How long does it take Aldactone to kick in?
1 month
age range with greatest mortality rate of varicella.
30-50 yo
when to remove diaphragm after sex.
after 6 hours
Most common reason for HTN in young men. Young women?
young men: etoh abuse
young women: OCPs
iris-like target lesions
erythema multiforme (stevens-johnson syndrome) - macular or raised
Conn's syndrome
hyperaldosteronism due to unilateral adrenal adenoma
labs and sx that show in Conn's syndrome
hypernatremia, hypokalemia, metabolic alkalosis

polyuria, htn, muscle weakness, tetany
Tx for Conn's syndrome
Aldactone and adrenalectomy
most likely cause of acute GI bleed in men >40
erythema migrans
erythema infectiosum
erythema multiforme
Lyme's disease
Fifth's disease
Steven-Johnson's Syndrome
4 causes of microcytic anemia
iron deficiency
chronic disease
Reed-sternberg cells
non-hodgkin's lymphoma
3 most common causes of fever
autoimmune dz
aplenic pts susceptible to these organisms
encapsulated bacteria: pneumococcus, meningococcus, h. flu, klebsiella
how many bacteria in a clean-catch urine culture to diagnose UTI?
10^5 bacteria / ml
increased gamma globulin in CSF
drugs that slow AV node transmission
dig, BB, CCB
Diabetic with swollen, red, warm, painful leg (skin intact).
What foods is folic acid found?
peanuts, fruits, vegetables
Why is folic acid needed during lactation?
0.5mg/day folic acid is transferred to breast milk
For women who are planning to get pregnant, how much folic acid is advised for women to take before conception?
0.4mg/day folic acid 3 months before conception
What is the treatment regimen if macrocytosis is diagnosed in a pregnant woman, with the cause not yet established?
- Vitamin B12 100ug/day IM and folic acid 1-2mg/day so no time is lost
- (Vitamin B12 100ug/day IM for first week, then weekly for the first month, then 100 ug/month for the rest of life.)
Someone with B12 deficiency with neuro symptom was tx'ed with B12. How fast do you see reversal of neuro symptoms?
quick: within 24 hrs
How does molluscum contagiosum present?
PAINLESS vesicular-form with umbilicated center
What % of pts with Epstein Barr virus mononucleosis have splenomegaly during acute phase of illness?
at least 50%!!
What is the difference between bacterial vs. viral infection in causing lymphadenopathy?
- viral – usually diffuse lymphadenopathy

- bacterial – usually localized (i.e. strep affects anterior cervical nodes)
How long do acute symptoms of infectious mononucleosis last?
5-15 days
When is the risk for splenic rupture in infectious mono the greatest?
2nd and 3rd week of infectious mononucleosis illness
Tx for panic attacks
MAOI is the most potent drug tx
COPDer and smoker with cough and PNA. Sputum culture analysis shows not gram + or - species. Silver stain shows + for organism - what organism?
common CAP pathogen in alcoholic
common CAP pathogen in post-influenza PNA
S. aureus
common CAP pathogen in pts with structural lung dz, corticosteroid use, broad spectrum abx use, and malnutrition.
pseudomonas aeruginosa
Man with h/o acute transmural MI 6 months ago will show what on EKG?
deep Q waves
most common causative organism of lymphogranuloma venereum
Chlamydia trachomatis types 1-3
How does lymphogranuloma venereum appear?
bubos, swollen inguinal lymphadenitis that can later become vesicular or ulcerative
Tx lymphogranuloma venereum
Doxy* or erythromycin

(like syphilis with allergy to PCN)
American man has __% lifetime risk of prostate cancer and ___% of clinical disease.
40, 10%
Test for organism in acute bacterial prostatitis?
urine culture
common type of organism (gram ____?) in chronic bacterial prostatitis
gram negative rods
how long after exposure to syphilis do sx manifest?
2-4 weeks after
split S2 in young people is occasionally a result of
uncorrected atrial septal defect
posterior tibial reflex - which nerve?
Cholestyramine affects warfarin
cholestyramine is CYP450 inducer --> causing less effects of warfarin
weight loss of what % immediately reduces death rates from cardio and cerebro disease.
suppresses appetite
SE: increase BP
anti-lipid drug works best against lipoprotein a
skin changes in pancreatic CA
what enzymes are elevated in pancreatic CA?
amylase and lipase