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Precedent set by George Washington?
Two terms, establish a cabinet, and staying out of foreign affairs.
What is the National Debt?
Money owed to the people and other countries
Who created the Bank of the United States?
Alexander Hamilton
(Secretary of Treasury)
What does Hamilton want to sell to pay off the National Debt?
Why does James Madison and Thomas Jefferson oppose Hamilton's plan (Bonds and Bank of the United States)?
Madison and Jefferson think the Hamilton's plan will benefit the rich people
Does George Washington what political parties to be organized after his two terms?
No, he asks Americans not to form political parties
What are the two political parties in the election of 1796?
Federalist and Democratic Republicans
What is the name of the political party who wants strong state government with farming as an important way of life?
Democratic Republicans
After the elections of 1796, who becomes the second president of the United States of America?
John Adams, a Federalist
What Act (law) was passed by the federalist to expel any foreigner who might be a danger to the United States?
Alien Act of 1798
Which act made it a crime to criticize (speak against) the government or officials?
The Sedition Act of 1798
In the XYZ Affairs, who does the United States what to establish a Neutrality Treaty with?
France (France demands 10 million dollars just to sit down and talk)
Why does Hamilton want to sell bonds?
To pay off the National Debt
What is the name of the political party who wants America to be strong, manufacturing, and trading nation (imports and exports)