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What is your name?(formal)
?Como se llama usted?
What is your name? (informal)
? Como te llamas?
My name is (John)
Me llamo (Juan)
...I introduce you to ...formal
...I introduce you to..informal
(Name) ..le presento a..(Name)
(Name) te presento a (Name)
It's a pleasure
Mucho gusto.
How long have you been here?
I've been here two months
?Cuanto tiempo tienes aqui?
Tengo dos meses aqui>
Come in./Go by informal
Come in./Go by formal
Pase Usted.
Make yourself at home.
Estas en tu casa.
You're welcome
De nada/no hay de que.
Excuse me. ( I need to go by)
Con permiso
Excuse me /Sorry ( i bumped you)
Excuse me (I need information)
What can I do for you?
?En que puedo servirle?
What? (when you need something repeated)
Mande, Usted./?Como?
More slowly please
mas despacio, por favor
How do you say?
?Como se dice..?
What does ...mean?
?Que significa...?
?Que quiere decir..?
Good evening/Good night
Good afternoon
Good morning
Buenas noches
Buenas tardes
Buenos dias
How are you? formal
How are you? informal
?Como esta Usted?
?Como estas?