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what does salvete mean?
be well, hello good morning, good day etc
(to multiple people)
what does domini mean?
master, lords, students (all male or mixed)
what does dominae mean?
the mistresses, ladies, all female students
what does -que mean?
what does salvete mean?
be well, hello good morning, good day etc
(to a single person)
what does mihi mean?
to me, for me
what does est mean?
what does quad...? mean?
what does tibi mean?
to you, for you
what does domina mean?
mistress, lady, female student
what does latine mean?
in latin
what does dominus mean?
master lord, males student
what does numquid vultis mean?
do you want anything, you dont want anything do you?
what does vale mean?
fare well, goodbye, etc
to one person
what does valete mean?
fare well, goodbye, etc
to multiple people
what does dic mean?
tell, say (to only one person)
what does quaeso mean?
what does bene mean?
well, good
what does quaesumus mean?
we ask, we pray, please
what does dicite mean?
tell, say (to more then one person)
what does ei mean?
to or for him/her
what does quoque mean?
too, also
what does nunc mean?
what does, quid...?, mean?
what does; in diem proximim mean?
until tomorrow