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What did the Fertile Crescent have and where was it?
Between the Persian Gulf anf the Mediterranian Sea, and it had the best farming land in that area.
Where was the best place to build a village in southeast asia and why?
The north, because it had streams for water.
Where was Mesopotamia?
Between the Tigres and Euphrates rivers.
Where was Sumer and how were the people in it arranged?
Sumer was a small group of cities in Southern Mesopotamia with common interests and ways.
Sumerians fought all the time, but...
...still managed to build the first civilization.
Civilization is...
...a more complex form of culture.
Sumerians set themselves apart from...
...neighboring cities.
First Key Trait: Growth of Cities
By 3000BC, Sumerians had fair-sized cities. Other places were too small to be considered cities. Cities are not only population but centres of trade. People rely on trade to live.
Second Key Trait: Specialized Workers
- Did things that nobody else did.
- Raising food became less work, so specialization became more popular.
- Traded their work for other goods.
Third Key Trait: Writing
- Sumer was the first place to have it.
- They wrote in “ceuniform”.
- The scribes used styluses to write on wet clay.
- The first written symbols were commonly traded objects.
- These were called pictographs.
- Earliest tablets used 2,000 symbols.
- Writing became more efficient; 600 symbols.
Fourth Key Trait: Advanced Technology
- Sumerians invented basic sciences used today.
- Mestopotamians used copper 3000 years before Sumerians.
- Sumerians increased copper usage.
- Mixed copper and tin to make bronze.
- Bronze was stronger; more useful.
- After 2800BC in sumer was the "Bronze Age"
Fifth Key Trait: Complex Institutions
- Government was a complex institution.
- Religion gained temples and Priests to manage them.
Sumer's Geographical Problems
- Unpredictable floods and droughts.
- Flat land.
- Advantage: Good soil.
> The Water Problem <
- Rain flooded sumer once or more per year.
- Droughts were common.
> The Defense Problem <
- Sumer was small and flat.
- Huts clustered together.
- No natural defense.
- Thieves struck often.
> The Resource Problem <
- Limited natural resources.
- Invasive plants near water soutces.
- Metal, wood, and stone was not common.
> T H E S O L U T I O N ! ! ! <
- Irrigation to water crops.
- Walls made of mud bricks (mud was abundant).
- Traded cloth, grain, tools to village people for wood, metal, stone.