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which cancer drugs are cell cycle specific (5)
antimetabolites (MTX, 5-FU, 6-MP), etoposide, bleomycin, vinca alkaloids, paclitaxel
which cancer drugs are cell cycle nonspeficic (2)
alkylating agents, antibiotics
S-phase specific antimetabolite. Inhibits duhydrofolate reductase (b/c is folate acid analog)
Clinical uses of MTX
leukemias, lymphomas, choriocarcinomas, sarcomas, abortion, ectopic preggers, RA, psoriasis
toxicities of MTX
myelosuppression (use leucovorin for "rescue"), macrovesicular fatty change in liver
S-phase specific antimetabolite. Bioactivated form (5F-dUMP complexes with folic acid and inhits thymidylate synthase
Clinical use of 5-FU
colon cancer and other solid tumors, basal cell carcinoma (topical). Synergy with MTX
toxicity of 5-FU
myelosuppression which is NOT reversible with leucovorin (vs MTX); photosensitivity
blocks de novo purine synthesis
what activates 6-MP?
Toxicities of 6-MP
done marrow, GI, liver; metabolized by xanthine oxidase so increased toxicity with allopurinol
MOA cytarabine (ara-C)
inhibits DNA polymerase
Clinical use of ara-C?
toxicities of ara-C
leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, megaloblastic anemia
MOA of cyclophosphamide/ifosfamide
(alkylaying agts) covalently x-link DNA at guanine N-7; require bioactivation by liver
Clinical use of cyclophosphamide/ifosfamide
non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, breast and ovarian carcinomas
toxicities of cyclophosphamide
myelosuppressin, hemorrhagic cystitis (use mesna!!)
4 nitrosoureas
carmustine, lomustine, semustine, streptozocin
MOA of nitrosoureas
(e.g. carmustine, steptozocin). Alkylate DNA; require bioactivation; CROSS BBB!!
toxicities of nitrosoureas
CNS (dizziness, ataxia)
MOA of cisplatin, carboplatin
act like alkylating agents
clinical uses of cisplatin?
testicular, bladder, ovary, and lung carcinomas
toxicity of cisplatin?
nephrotoxicity and acoustic nerve damage
MOA of busulfan
alkylates DNA
clinical use of busulfan
toxicities of busulfan
pulmonary fibrosis, hyperpigmentation
MOA of doxorubucin, daunurubicin
generate free radicals and noncovalently intercalate into DNA
Clinical uses of doxorubucin, daunorubicin
part of ABVD treatment for Hodgkin's; also for myelomas, sarcomas, solid tumors
toxicities of doxorubicin, daunorubicin
cardiotoxic; myelosuppression, marked alopecia; toxic extravasation
MOA dactinomycin
DNA intercalater
clinical uses of dactinomycin
Wilm's tumor, Ewing's sarcoma, rhabdomyosarcoma (for childhood tumors!)
toxicity of dactinomycin
MOA of bleomycin
induces formation of free radicals-->DNA strand breaks
Clinical uses of bleomycin
testicular cancer; part of ABVD for Hodgkin's (along with doxorubicin/daunorubicin)
toxicities of bleomycin
PULMONARY FIBROSIS, skin changes, MINIMAL myelosuppression
MOA of etoposide
G2 phase specific agt, inhibits topoisomerase II
Clinical uses of etoposide
small cell carcinoma of lung and prostate, testicular carcinoma
Toxicities of etoposide
myelosuppression, GI irritation, alopecia
MOA of prednisone
steroid; may trigger apoptosis?
Clinical uses of prednisone
lots but spefically part of MOPP regimen for Hodgkin's , CLL
Toxicities of prednisone
Cushing-like sxs; immunosuppression, CATARACTS, acne, OSTEOPOROSIS, HTN, peptic ulcers, hyperglycemia, psychosis
MOA of tamoxifen, raloxifene
estrogen R antagonits in breasts, agonists in bone
tamoxifen vs raloxifene
tamoxifen may increase risk of endometrial cancer but raloxifene is an endometrial ANTAGonist
MOA of trastuzumab (herceptin)
monoclonal Ab against HER-2; helps kill breast cancer cells that overexpress HER-2
Clinical use of trastuzumab
(herceptin) metastatic breast cancer
toxicity of trastuzumab
MOA of imatinib?
(Gleevec) Phl chromosome bcr-abl tyrosine kinase inhibitor
Clinical uses of imatinib
(gleevec) CML, GI stromal tumors
toxicity of imatinib
(gleevec) fluid retention
MOA of vincristine, vinblastine
(vinca alkaloids) M phase specifics, bind tubulin and block polymerization of microtubules
Clinical uses of vincristine, vinblastine
part of MOPP regimen (as is prednisone) for lymphoma, Wilms' tumor, choriocarcinoma
toxicity of vincristine
neurotoxicity, paralytic ileus
toxicity of vinblastine
myelosuppression (vinBLASTine BLASTS bone marrow)
MOA of taxols
(e.g. paclitaxel) M phase specific agents to bind tubulin and disallow microtubule breakdown
clinical uses of taxols
ovarian and breast carcinomas
toxicities of taxols
myelosuppression and hypersensitivity
Which cancer drugs are M-phase specific?
taxols and vinca alkaloids