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Gram stain poorly
Spirochetes (treponema). Intracellular: Rickettsia, Chlamydia, Legionella. Mycoplasma, Mycobacterium. "These rascals may microscopically lack color"
Encapsulated bacteria
Meningococcus, Pneumococcus, Hib, Klebsiella. Quellung Rxn = "Swellung" w/ anticapsular antiserum
IgA Protease expressing bacteria
Gonococcus, Meningococcus, Pneumococcus, Hib
Pigment-producing bacteria
S. aureus (gold). Pseduomonas (blue-green). Serratia marcescens (red; "maraschino cherries are red").
Obilgate aerobes
Mycobacterium, Pseudomonas, Nocardia, Bacillus, Bordetella, Brucella "Nasty pathogens must breathe x3"
Obligate anaerobes
Bacteroides, Actinomyces, Clostridum. AminO2glycosides are ineffective: req O2 to enter cells.
Obligate intracellular
Clamydia, Rickettisa. "stay inside when it's Really Cold"
Facultative intracellular
"Some Nasty Bugs May Live FacultativeLY" [Salmonella, Listeria], [Brucella, Francisella], Neisseria, Legionella, Yersinia
Spore formers
GP rods: bacillus, clostridium; dipicolinic acid. Endospore
Alpha hemolytic
pneumococcus, viridans
Beta hemolytic
aureus, pyogenes, group b, listeria (tumbling motility)