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most common tumor of the salivary glands?
pleomorphic adenoma
a pleomorphic adenoma may transform into carcinoma...what will be the patients complaint then?
signs of facial nerve involvement
double bubble on xray could be a sign of what? associated with what?
duodenal atresia

associated with Downs syndrome
an older adult with iron deficiency is what until otherwise proven? associated with what side?
colorectal cancer on the RIGHT side
what are the symptoms of carcinoid tumors?
wheezing, right-sided heart murmurs, diarrhea, flushing
what is budd-chiari syndrome all about?
obstruction of the IVC or hepatic veins leading to congestive liver disease

absence of JVD

associated with heptocellular carcinoma, pregnancy, hypercoaguable state, polycythemia vera
secondary biliary cirrhosis

cause, presentation of patient
due to extrahepatic biliary obstruction leading to an increase in intrahepatic ducts and injury/fibrosis and bile stasis

pt presents with pruritis, jaundice, dark urine and light stools
primary biliary cirrhosis

cause, presentation, ab's seen
autoimmune reaction

increase in serum anti-mitochondrial ab's including IgM
Primary sclerosing cholangitis

cause, labs
unknown cause of concentric "onion skin" bile duct fibrosis

what types of polyps are found in ulcerative colitis?
inflammatory pseudopolyps
black tarry stools (melena) are indicative of an upper GI bleed and warrant what kind of diagnostic testing?
esophagoduodenogastroscopy (EGD)
elevated 5-HIAA is diagnostic for what?
carcinoid syndrome
2 prime metastatic sites for carcinoid syndrome
liver and lungs
primary biliary cirrhosis is associated with what population?
women in their 40s
primary sclerosing cholangitis is associated with what population?
males in their 40-50s
columnar metaplasia of squamous cells is seen in what?
barrett esophagus
massive hematemesis in a chronic alcoholic is most likely due to what?
esophageal varices rupturing
acute cholecystitis DOES NOT present with a palpable mass!! pancreatic cancer DOES
remember that!!
naproxen is an NSAID
know it
gallstones are a complications of crohns or ulcerative colitis?
alcohol is linked to pancreatitis BUT NOT pancreatic adenocarcinoma
know it
where is iron absorbed?
in the duodenum
where is folate absborbed?
in the jejunum
where are bile acids absorbed
in the ileum
vit. k and all fat soluble vitamins are absorbed where?
what are two most common causes of acute pancreatitis
gallstones and alcohol
zollinger-ellison is characterized by multiple peptic ulcers in the duodenum and jejunum and is associated with what disease?
what drug class is first line for prophylaxis of travelers diarrhea?
quinolones (ciprofloxacin, norfloxacin)
crypt abscesses are characteristic of crohns or ulcerative colitis?
ulcerative colitis
what type of G protein does ACh work to release acid in the stomach?
a Gq protein that activates IP3/Ca2+ to increase the H/K pump
what type of G protein does Gastrin work to release acid in the stomach?
same as ACh (do you remember it?? well you should!!)
what type of pathways does Histamine work through to release acid in the stomach?
it activates cAMP to increase the H/K pump
how do prostglandins inhibit acid secretion in the stomach?
activate Gi which is inhibitory on cAMP
where is iron absorbed?

Iron man thinks he is so important that he has to be absorbed early on in the duodenum
where is folate absorbed?
in the jejunum
where is vit. B12 absorbed?
in the ileum along with bile acids
"glandular metaplasia" spoken about anything involving the esophagus is what?
barrett's esophagus
pancreatic insufficiency will lead to malabsorption of what?
fat and fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K)
whats the CEA tumor marker for?
Colorectal cancer
what kind of gallstones are associated with crohns? and are they radiolucent or radiopaque?

what has a high specificity for acute pancreatitis?
CA-19-9 is a marker for what?
pancreatic adenocarcinoma
trousseau's syndrome is what and is associated with what?
it is migratory thrombophlebitis associated with pancreatic adenocarcinoma
courvoisier's sign is what? associated with what?
a palpable gallbladder associated with pancreatic adenocarcinoma