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protease inhibitors name them
never (NAVIR) tease a pro-tease inhibitor. All end in "navir"
protease inhibitor MOA
inhibits assembly of new virus by inhibiting protease in progeny virus
protease inhibitor toxicity
GI intolerance (nausea, diarhea), hyperglycemia, lipodystrophy, thrombocytopenia (indinavir)… metabolic syndrome
reverse transcriptase inhibitors
nucleoside: zidoVUDINE (AZT), staVUDINE (d4T), lamiVUDINE, abacavir, zalcitabine (ddC), didanosine (3TC). Non-nucleosides: Never deliver nucleosides. Nevirapine, efavirenz, delavirdine
reverse transcriptase inhibitors MOA
preferentially inhibits HIV reverse transcriptase. Prevents incorporation of viral genome into host DNA
reverse transcriptase toxicity
BM supression (neutropenia, anemia), peripheral neuropathy, LACTIC ACIDOSIS (nucleosides), rash (non nucleosides), megaloblastic anemia (didovudine
reverse transcriptase inhib clinical use
HAART. Combination tx w/ protease inhibitors and reverse transcriptase inhibitors. Started when pts have CD4<500 or high viral load. AZT used in preg to reduce transmission risk
interferons mechanism
block various stages of viral RNA and DNA syn. Induces ribonuclease that degrades viral mRNA.
interferon clinical use
IFN alpha. Chronic hepatitis B and C, Kaposi sarcoma. IFN beta - MS. IFN gamma - NADPH oxiodase deficiency
interferon toxicity
neutropenia, depression
pleconaril MOA
prevents attachment of poliovirus to cell