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amphotericin MOA
amphoTEARicin. binds ergosterol, forms memb pores, allows leakage of electrolytes and disrupts homeostasis
amphotericin clinical use
wide spectrum of SYSTEMIC mycosis: cryptococcus, blastomyces, coccidioides, aspergillus, histoplasma, candida, mucor. Intrathecally for fungal MENINGITIS does not X-BBB
amphotericin toxicity
shake and bake: fever/ chills, AMPHOTERRIBLE: hypotension, nephrotox, arrythmias, anemia, IV phebitis. HYDRATION REDUCES NEPHROTOXICITY
nystatin MOA
binds ergosterol, disrupts fungal memb. TOO TOXIC FOR SYSTEMIC USE
nystatin clinical use
SWISH AND SWALLOW for oral candidiasis (thrush); topical for diaper rash or vaginal candidiasis
azoles MOA
inhibits fungal steroid (ergosterol) syn
azoles clinical use
SYSTEMIC mycoses. Fluconazole for cryptococcal meningitis in AIDS pts. Candidal infections of all types. KETOKONAZOLE for blastomyces, coccidioides, histoplasma, candida albicams, hypercortisolism
azole toxicity
hormone syn inhibition (gynecomastia), liver dysfunction (inhibits P450), fever, chills
flucytosine MOA
inhibits DNA syn by conversio nto flurouracil, competes w. uracil
flucytosine clinical use
flucytosine toxicity
N/V, diarrhea, BM supression
caspofungin MOA
inhibits cell wall syn (by inhibiting enzyme that makes beta-glucan)
caspofungin clinical use
caspofungin toxicity
GI, flushing
terbinafine MOA
inhibits fungal enz squalene epoxidase
terbinafine clinical use
tx dermatophytoses (esp onchomycosis)
griseofulvin MOA
interferes w. microtubile fxn. Disrupts mitosis. Deposits in keratin containing tissue (nails)
griseofulvin clinical use
oral tx of superficial infection. Inhibits growth of dermatophytes (tinea, ringworm)
griseofulvin tox
teratogenic, carcinogenic, confusion, HA, increased P450 (warfarin)