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State the two major objectives for first aid care for wounds.
1.) Stop the bleeding
2.) prevent infection
Reconize potenial hazards around the house that could cause wounds resulting in severe bleeding. How would you prevent these hazardous situations from occurring
1.) Nails, glass, knifes, power tools,
2.) Make sure that all sharp objects are out of th reach of children. Make sure that all power tools are used according to the directions.
when working with nails be sure to clean up the area in which you are working.
Identify two places on the body that bleed the easiest?
head and hands
Expect a lot of blood.
Name three(3) kinds of blood vessels and state their primary function.
1.) Arteries pump bright red oxygenated bloodfrom the heart to the body
2.) Veins carries non-oxygenated blood dark red to marron from the body to the heart
Capillaries receives semi-oxygenated red blood from the artieries and delivers it to the veins without oxygen.
Restate the four components of blood and their functions.
1.) Platlets-for clotting
2.) Plasma-maintains the blood volume needed for a normal function of the circulatory system. Also contains nutients for energy production, growth, and cell maintainance.
3.) Red Blood CElls for the color transports oxygen from the lungs to the body.
4.) Whit blood Cells for fighting infection, Key for disease-fighting part of the immune system.