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P wave
atrial depolarization
PR interval
conduction delay through AV node
normal 0.12 - 0.2 sec (3-5 small boxes)
QRS complex
ventricular depolarization
normal < 120 msec
QT interval
mechanical contraction of ventricals

< 1/2 R-R @ HR < 100
normal QTc < 440 msec
T wave
ventricular repolarization
inversion --> recent MI
masked w/in QRS
atrial repolarization
ST segment
ventricles depolarIZED
-isoelectric, tracing is flat
U wave
-by definition follows the T-wave
ventricular tachycardia
shifting sinusoidal waveforms
Torsades de pointes

*can progress to V-fib
*anything that prolongs QT can predispose to this
irregularly irregular baseline
no discrete P waves
irregularly spaced QRS complexes
atrial fibrillation
atrial fibrillation tx
Ca channel blocker
rapid succession of identical, back-to-back atrial depolarization
"sawtooth appearance"
atrial flutter
Tx of atrial flutter
attempt to convert to sinus rhythm
*class IA
*class IC
*class III
*beta blockers
PR interval prolonged (>200 msec)
1st degree AV block
progressive lengthening of PR interval until beat is "dropped" (P wave not followed by QRS)
2nd degree AV block
Mobitz type I (Wenckebach)
dropped beats not preceded by change in length of PR interval
often 2:1
2nd degree heart block
Mobitz type II

may progress to 3rd degree
both P waves & QRS present, but bear no relation to each other
atrial rate faster than ventricular
3rd degree AV block (complete)
3rd degree heart block

3rd degree heart block


**lyme dz
**(mobitz type II?)
completely erratic rhythm
no identifiable waves
ventricular fibrillation

fatal w/o CPR & defibrillation
ECG Strip Graph Paper
5 big boxes = 1 second
1 big box = 200 msec
1 small box = 40 msec
Infarct Location - leads w/Qwaves:

Anterior wall (LAD)
Infarct Location - leads w/Qwaves:

Anteroseptal (LAD)
Infarct Location - leads w/Qwaves:

Anterolateral (LCX)
Infarct Location - leads w/Qwaves:

I, aVL
Lateral wall (LCX)
Infarct Location - leads w/Qwaves:

Inferior wall (RCA)