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How long should you run water over a deep wound to clean it?
5 min.
What are some of the symptoms/signs of internal bleeding?
Tend/hard or bruised abdomen.
Vomiting blood
Blood in urine
Cool,clammy skin that's pale/bluish
What do you do for a bee sting?
Remove sting away from skin w/a piece of plastic

Wash area w/ soap/water.

Put ice/cold pack for up to 20 min. and allow scratching.
Animal bite
Clean the wound w/ soap/water.

Control bleeding.

Cover the wound w/ a sterile dressing/bandage.

Seek medical attention asap.
Sign/symptoms of Asthma attack?
Wheezing/difficulty breathing/speaking.

dry cough, gray/blue skin & changes levels of responsiveness.
How long should you flush an area of skin of a chemical burn.
for at least 30 min./ brush off any dry chemical, move victim to vent., call 911 and put a nonstick dressing on burn.
Diabetic emergency (low sugar)symptoms/signs?
Sudden dizzeness, headache, confusion, pale skin, sweating,hunger and may have seizure.
Diabetic emergency for high sugar-signs/symptoms.
Dry mouth/thirst, breaths that smell fruity, nausea, vomiting,dry mouth,thirst.
What to do in Diabetic emergency?
Confirm that victims have diabetes-talk to them and look for medical Id bracelet.

Give sugar-3 glucose tablets.
Call 911 if becomes unresponsive/or continued signs.
What are the signs of a person in shock?
light headedness.

Pale, bluish or ashen skin color. Thirst, nausea and vomiting and changing responsiveness.
What to do for person in shock?
Check for breathing.
Call 911
Position victim on back and raise legs 8 to 12 in.
Put coat/blanket on top of person.
If victim vomits-turn the head to side.
What to do for a seizure?
Call 911 if seizure last more than 5 min.

Do not restrain or stop movements.

Move away objects and put something flat/soft under person's head.
What does RICE stand for?
Rest-rest injured area.
Ice-ice/cold pack the area.
Compress-with roller bandage.
Elevate-elevate injured part or use sling for arm injury.
How do you Splint a forearm?
Support the arm above/below w/a rigid splint and position arm on it and secure the splint w/roller bandage.
What are the signs/symptoms of heatstrok?
Heavy sweating/thirst/fatigue.
Headache,dizzeness,nause/vomiting and heat cramps.